The Great Adventure of 2019: Dartmouth

After a mostly full day in Halifax, we decided to just take a day to chill and see what there is in Dartmouth. This town reminded me a lot of Asheville, NC: an up-and-coming town in its own right that is artsy.  

We started our day at a crepe place just up the street from the above picture.  I didn't take a picture of the place or of what we had though. The owner was super nice (he's Canadian, so of course he's nice!) and the conversation was wonderful. 

A place of business in Downtown Dartmouth
Dartmouth boasted beautiful murals.
View of Halifax Harbour from Downtown Dartmouth
I think this was the entryway to a restaurant. I really liked all of the flowers and greenery in front.

We had a very relaxing day and geared up for slowly making our way to our next destination in this Province. 

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