Beautiful Sunday!

Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous: Sunny and warm! It was so nice to go by the park and see so many people taking advantage of the public park near our house. Kids were on the playground, people were walking their dogs, some people had blankets spread out, and some were picnicking. I feel very fortunate to live in a town that values public space and takes excellent care of the public facilities. The picture above is just a little section of the park. Obviously this wasn't taken yesterday!
Another section of the park:
When I was growing up, the park didn't look anywhere near this nice! Oh, but what fun we had anyway!
The "King & Queen's Chairs": Can you seen them to the left of the picture? This was our "castle", complete with dungeon! Okay, so we had great imaginations back then!
Now I'm ready for a brand new work-week. It's starting out as a wet, cool one. This will be the second whole week we've worked since Christmas, unless we have bad weather during the week. I love living in the South!

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