Good day for a Monday

What a way to start the week! The power went out just as I was preparing for my day at work. Talk about total chaos! I wonder if people with "real jobs" get worked up when the power in their workplace goes out. Luckily it was only out for about 15-20 minutes, and came back on just before 8:00 a.m. Too bad; if it had been out for an hour, we would have been able to call it a day. If the lunch ladies can't fix lunch, we can't have school. As the principal said: "No place to go from here but up ." Smart man, that Mr. Principal.
The other big excitement of the day was getting my schnauzer a halter. She had been using a leash, but at times will pull on it, causing her to sound like she's choking. She's quite the diva, so I'm not sure if it was an academy award performance, or if she was really choking! My Jack Russell Mix went to a halter a long time ago! Funny little dog; when we walk, she doesn't know where she's going, but she's going to be the first one there. After I got home, it took me about 15 minutes to figure out how to put the halter on her. Finally did it after my 15 year old son figured it out. So much for that Master's degree helping me out on that! My JR was going crazy, thinking it was time for a walk, and trying to get her head in the new halter. I finally gave in and we went for a short walk in the park near our house. Here's a picture of my little girls:

My husband got a new SUV last week, complete with built in garage remote! Great, except when he was trying to program it, all of the remotes got wiped out. So, I climbed the step ladder, squinted with my 40-something eyes to read the directions to re-program the remotes, and got them re-programmed. Even helped my husband get his remote programmed!
So, yes, Monday was a good day!

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