Snow Day (Sort of)

I know, 2 posts in one day! I had to get this post in about the crazy day today. On my way to work, I encountered snow all over the road. It is a main highway, a U.S. Highway, a 5-lane highway. I was so surprised that it hadn't been plowed. I wasn't nervous about driving, as long as all of the crazy drivers (who think just because they have a 4-wheel drive they can go 60+ miles/hour) stayed out of my way. I was, however, nervous about this one little stretch right before the turn-off. It never gets any sun, is a big curve, and has a concrete barrier in the middle. Luckily I was the only one on that stretch of road, and it was no big deal. I made the turn, started to go over the bridge, and had to stop because there were about 10 cars in front of me that had stopped. I knew I was going to be late when I left the house, since I left the house late. (I need to blog in the afternoon when I have more time!) None of the cars are moving, there's a bus behind me, and, lo & behold, there's a bus that has made the next turn to go up the hill to the school.
Now I'm concerned that there's been an accident and the bus filled with kids is involved. Parents are turning their cars around, and I see a couple of coworkers out of their cars. Turns out the hill going to the school is a big sheet of ice. Also turns out that there's yet another bus that made it half-way up the hill before getting stuck. All 3 buses are filled with those sweet kids, ready for a day of learning!
minutes late
r, the salt truck comes and makes a couple of passes up the hill. All during this time, a coworker and I decide that we're really glad we're not on any of those buses with those smiling faces who are now all antsy and having a hard time sitting down. We finally get to drive up the hill. About 30 minutes later, Ms. Principal announces that those who left their cars at the bottom of the hill may want to go get them. So, I volunteer to make a couple of runs so that some of them can get their cars. Very few kids were there; I only saw 1/3 of the students I usually see. It snowed all morning, but by 1:30, the snow was gone. I'm not sure why school wasn't called off; we haven't used up all of our days, so it would've been okay. I'm also not sure why we don't have a plan for 2-hour delays, either. I know the Yankees are probably laughing hysterically at the idea of school being called off for 1/2- 1 1/2 inches of snow, but, y'all, we're just not equipped for bad weather!


  1. We're drowning in snow up here today...I put a yardstick in the yard about 4 PM and it was at 19 inches. It's now almost 10 PM and still snowing! And not supposed to stop til about noon tomorrow. Its pretty but also ridiculous. They are super efficient with the plows but they are having a hard time keeping up with this one. Even the dog isn't asking to go out : )

  2. Mary you are doing a GREAT JOB..Maybe you missed your calling..Should be an author!!


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