Just Dumb

I've done a couple of pretty dumb things this week:

1) On Sunday, after Mass, I ran into Panera.  A lot of the "weekday Mass gang" were there, in line with me.  I happened to turn around, and right behind me was one of my sisters.  And, behind her, a couple of other people from Church came in. I introduced my sister to everybody and went on my way.  Later that day, my mom called and asked which sister was at Panera, to which I replied "Debbie".  If you don't know me or my family, you may be wondering what was so dumb about that.  Brace yourself:  I don't have a sister named "Debbie"!  I have no idea why that name came out!

2) A few weeks ago, the president of our Council of Catholic Women (CCW) sent out an e-mail, asking ladies if they were interested in going to a Global Women meeting.  I e-mailed her back, letting her know I would go.  I kept meaning to  check my e-mail to see when the meeting was, but I kept forgetting every time I was on e-mail.  I got a call from her yesterday to see if I was still planning on going.  I told her I would go.  I had no idea what this meeting was about, and, even as we were walking into the meeting, there was no way I was going to let on that I didn't know.  That was the dumb thing.  The reason for the meeting was no laughing matter:  human trafficking.  That's the kind of stuff you hear about on a Lifetime movie, not the kind of stuff you think is happening in your own backyard.  Some of the ladies in that meeting are really knowledgeable about it.
There's a program called "Free the Girls".  It was started by someone in Denver.  Bras are donated to ladies in Mozambique since bras are a status symbol.  If a woman isn't wearing a bra, she's "fair game".    The young lady who was talking about this was inspiring.  She knew so much about the whole trafficking issue, I just had no idea.  I'm just so incredibly sheltered...even now as an adult.

So, after reading this post, if there was any doubt as to why I haven't been posting much lately, I think I've cleared it up!  And, it's just Tuesday!!!


  1. Mary, don't feel bad! I have set my kitchen stove on fire twice in the last month...first burnt a pot holder (Ewwww), then pizza boxes. I have had to color code my stove knobs so I know front from back and have a note posted on the wall that tells me to check he oven. It happens!

  2. Your "Debbie" story had me laughing so hard my sides hurt. Classic!

    I had to get a chuckle out of quiltingranny's fire stories...after she made the point it all turned out ok.

    I didn't know about the bras being a status symbol. How sickening!!!

  3. Oh Mary, that Debbie story was priceless. I will have to remember it. ROFL!

  4. Okay, the debbie story is hilarious, but this week I threw the can opener in the trash and put the cereal in the refrigerator! I caught myself on the cereal thing, but my husband me asked me why I threw away my pink kitchen-aid can opener as he was pulling it out of the trash can! I'm only 45, I shouldn't be doing these things!

  5. I'm laughing over here....about your comment on my cookies and about Debbie. What did your Mom say when you said Debbie? That is hilarious really. You aren't dumb at all but maybe you are a bit distracted. I'm blaming your school board for making you start school so early this year. It just has you all mixed up. :)

    That is a really cool program that you attended the meeting for. I've been eating so much this year that I probably have plenty of bras to donate!

  6. Is it bad that your Debbie story made me feel better? I do stuff like that all the time and it kinda worries me. I like knowing its not just me : )

  7. A young friend of ours is interning in the Philippines this year with International Justice Mission, a group dedicated to fighting human trafficking. www.ijm.org

    Amazing courage of the people involved in the rescue, and of course, the victims. Just to survive that shows perseverance.

  8. okay, #1 is just downright hysterical!!

  9. Blonde moments abound.
    Maybe you wanted a sister named Debbie.
    I am going to google this organization and see if I can help.

  10. Funny about the Debbie thing, how did that happen? I'm glad you went to that meeting, it sounds like it was extremely interesting.
    When I first read your post I thought it said Global Warming and wondered why it was about woman and bras :)


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