Wednesday Hodgepodge

I can't believe we've been doing this for 40 weeks already!  To join in, click on the above button, copy and paste the questions, answer the questions, and link back up with Joyce.

1. Using what's in your frig right now what sort of meal would you be able to make for guests who are knocking at the front door this very minute?
HA!  Luckily I just went to the grocery store!  We're planning on having Pasta Sauce with Italian Sausage in a few days, so that's what I would fix, along with a salad.

2. What is something about yourself that you hope will change but that probably never will?
My weight.    

3. What's something about yourself that you hope will neverchange?
My compassion.  Sometimes I feel that it's fading fast! 

4. Do you usually send serious or funny greeting cards? Why?
It's rare for me to sent a greeting card at all.  What do people do with them after they read them?  It just seems like a waste.
When I send them, it's a funny one.  Who doesn't like to laugh?

5. Bird watching, shell gathering, or star gazing- your choice for whiling away the hours?
Bird watching.  I think I'm getting old.

6. Do you double or triple check things? If so, what?
I triple check the top that goes on my to-go coffee.  The last thing I want to happen is to tip the cup and have a lap-full of coffee!

7. What's your favorite place for people watching?
Oh, there are so many places:  the mall, the beach, a busy street.  There are a lot of interesting people out there!  One place I don't like to people watch:  Walmart.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
As I said in #1, I went to the grocery store yesterday.  It's no wonder the kids don't know how to assistant manager bagged my groceries and did an awful job.  I put my cold items together for a reason...because I want them bagged together!  That's Bagging 101, along with stacking the items in the bags, not just tossing them in there.  CH said that nobody cares about how their groceries are bagged, but I have to disagree on that one.  I had worked all day, did the grocery shopping for 2 weeks, and I was hot & tired.  The last thing I wanted to do when I got home was to search through every single bag for my cold & frozen stuff.  I wonder if I ticked him off when I started rearranging things as he started to put the sodas in the buggy?  Maybe when he did that, it should've given me a clue!


  1. Oh the bagging is a HUGE pet peeve of mine-maybe I'm getting old too : ) I bring some of my own bags and one has the silver lining, specifically for the cold stuff. I say that before they start bagging but they don't seem to get it. I am with you on digging around for frozen items. And tossing the stuff ini there too. And packing them so full. I disagree with your hubs-I think a lot of people care about their grocery bagging. I obviously care a little too much : )

  2. Random Thought--is so true. I usually start bagging my own before someone comes.

  3. Yep who wants something heavy on top of their bread. I thought I was the only one that catagorized their groceries. I put cold items, then canned goods, my eggs and bread is always last.

  4. haha....I don't like to people watch at Wal-Mart either. Eyes straight forward is the best policy. Mmmhmmm! I am with you on bagging groceries. I am absolutely ocd about how my stuff gets put into the bags. I try to even unload my cart in such a way that it's easier for the baggers to bag the like items together. They don't always get it though. Cold items should always be with cold items. Period.

  5. My guests would have bacon, eggs, and grands biscuits :).

    Happy Wednesday!

  6. I sent Hubs to the grocery store to pick up the cupcakes for the shower last weekend and a few other items. The bagger threw the cupcakes in upside down. I haven't complained yet because I'm afraid I will still yell about it.

  7. I used to work in grocery stores and bagging skills or lack of are probably the biggest complaint outside of prices. So much of it is common sense...I guess that's why it's such a problem!

  8. We shop at a grocery store where you bag your own groceries ... partly for that reason (and partly because it's cheaper ... but it's not one of those limited-choice warehouse stores).

  9. OH! I so totally would have rearranged my groceries ~ more than likely giving him dirty looks the entire time. It's bad enough that they don't use paper bags anymore but throwing them in a jumble in plastic bags that just want to roll over and dump everything in the car makes me a little crazy.....can you tell?

  10. I'm right there with you about people watching at Wal-Mart... What is it about that place hat people literally come as they are... Nobody wants to see what you sleep in or what you do housework in people... I have these hot pink crocs I was given and wear around the house and accidently wore them to wal-mart one day... I was so embarassed... Then I turned around and saw a woman in pillsbury dough boy jammy pants and a muscle tee with her dirty bra hanging out... My crocs suddenly looked classy.

  11. So, you have a problem watching rednecks make fools of themselves in Walmart? You day you might be looking at me!! LOL

    BTW, couldn't agree with you more about the bagging thing. You really should have said, "Hey, it's really nice to have the cold things together because...blah, blah, blah." Maybe the guy would have picked up a few tips!

  12. I may be one of the rare ones, but I do save every card I receive :)

  13. I'm with you, "Bagging matters". And whatever you do, "don't squish my bread!". LOL

  14. Bad bagging is a crime and offenders should be punished.
    I seriously want to work at my grocery store and ONLY bag groceries...I really like doing it. {{crazy}}

  15. I can't believe it's been 40 weeks either! My compassion seems to change paths at times but it's always there. Funny you mention the bagging at the store. I think that the help today has changed and I have seen a big different in the bagging of things. I would rather do it myself.

  16. Agree with all your answers! And all the comments, too!


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