Weekend Wrap-up

This is going to be more like a week wrap-up instead of just the weekend!  Last week was so incredibly stressful, that I couldn't even think about writing any posts at all.  I can't get into everything that went on, but Monday's stress was work-related.  Tuesday was son-related.  My intern's last day was Wednesday; that wouldn't have normally been stressful, but I knew at the end of the day I would have to go over how she performed over the semester.  Let's just say...it all wasn't good.  I'm not a confrontational person at all, so this was not an easy thing for me to do.  It didn't go so well, either.  I may have checked to make sure my car hadn't been keyed.  (It wasn't.)   But, what's done is done, and I can't beat myself up over it any more.  
Thursday was the flute choir Christmas Concert, so that was a whole different kind of stress!  A friend from one of my schools came; she took a couple of pictures during the concert.  After the first one she took, the director looked at me and asked if it was a family member!  The concert went pretty well...I had some pretty awesome parts on the bass.  (That's me in the middle!)
The best part about the concert was that my mom was there.  I had asked her to go last year, but she never went.  I knew if she ever went, she'd love it.

The drive into work on Friday was another kind of stress.  It poured most of the way, and, since I had a 7:15 meeting, it was dark.  As long as there are no cars coming, I'm fine, but I almost had to stop and make sure I wasn't out of the road when another car came toward me.  It was pretty rough.  

Now for the weekend:  Small Town High School played in the State Championship on Friday night.  They had 1 1/2 hours of a rain delay:  they had to leave the field before the game started because there was lightning.  They finally got out onto the field, but there was more lightning, so they had to leave.  Once they finally were able to play, Small Town did quite well.  One of the players broke the state record for number of carries.  As it turned out, the quarterback may have broken his hand, and another boy who usually runs the ball was having trouble getting warm.  (It was cold and rainy by the time they got to play.)  In the end, Small Town won their 13th State Championship.  Rival High School won their 14th Championship on Saturday.

Saturday was laundry and grocery shopping day.  There's a Scholastic Warehouse close to the house, so I went by there to see if I could find a book I'm looking for since they were having a huge sale.  They didn't have the one I was looking for, but I did find a few other ones.  It was definitely Championship Saturday:  I watched 2 state championships and the SEC Championship.  I didn't watch the OSU-MSU game, but hoped MSU would win since that should put Auburn in the National Championship Game.  

Sunday was a cold & rainy day.  I shopped for my angel tree person.  I have no idea if I spent the right amount or not; we weren't given any guidelines.  CH & I went out for lunch, then I got most of the decorating done.  It's hard to believe that this is the last full week of school before break!  So much to do...so little time!  I haven't even begun to shop for the boys; we have no idea what they want.  In fact, I have no idea if OS is even going to be here on Christmas.  He is working as a snowboard instructor, so...

Here's to a less stressful week!


  1. I so hope you have a much better week! As a prior trainer, I was responsible for daily, weekly and monthly evaluations. Your intern knew how they performed, all my trainee's knew each day and one even admitted in the end that she couldn't do the job, but she couldn't bring herself to quit either, so she was thankful to me for making the decision easy on her! We have had snow this past week and more expected today. Praying your day and week is pure bliss!

  2. That whole intern situation would stress me out too, but when you think of her out there working one day perhaps she'll look back and see things differently.

    You have had a lot going on! I still have a little shopping to do, a few more cards, and a lot of food related tasks-menu planning, buying, baking. Fun, but busy!

    Hope this week settles down for you : )

  3. The hardest part of being a "boss" for me was having to do evals - well, the "good" evals were easy, it was the not so good and the bad evals that were hard.

    Hope your week has been less stressful so far!!


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