Friday Frags: Back at it!

Half-Past Kissin' Time

~  How long has it been since I've fragged???  Seems like forever!

~  Today is the last Friday before Christmas break...only 3 more school days!

~  Friday the always makes me think of the Friday 13th that one of my sisters & I were cleaning the basement for another sister's party (not sure why we were doing that) and T had to go to the bathroom.  We went together, and T pushed the bathroom door open to make sure nobody was behind it.  It didn't open all of the way, so we both ran screaming:  T upstairs, and I ran into the rec room and put all of my weight against the door (like that could've kept somebody out!).  My oldest sister called our next door neighbor, who came over with his shotgun.  My 2nd oldest sister had left her shoe behind the door, which was why it wouldn't close.

~  I'm really glad I have a supervisor who is supportive.  I've been really stressed out about something, but, after talking to her, I think things are going to be okay.  

~  CH & I went to the big town last night to help MS move the last of his things into his new digs.  He has been living in the fraternity house, but they were notified over Thanksgiving that their charter was being revoked.  I don't know all of the details.  His fraternity was one of the best ones on campus, which makes it harder to believe.  It was incredibly sad to walk into the fraternity house...most of the guys have already left.  One of the guys moving out said that he thought it would hit them at the beginning of the new semester when they don't go back to the fraternity house.

~  I've got to get started on my Christmas shopping.  Nothing like waiting 'til the last minute, huh?


  1. Best of luck with your shopping! Thankfully, all I have to pick up now are a few stocking stuffers and I'm DONE! Boy, does it feel good!

  2. I don't think I've bought one single Christmas gift in a store this year. I LOVE online shopping!
    I'm grinning at the evil, scary shoe story! =)

  3. the gifts are homemade this year. No shopping required.

  4. Your Friday the 13th story is hilarious!
    My kids have one more week. Thank goodness because I still have a lot to do!
    Glad your supervisor heard you out and I wish you well.
    Happy FF!

  5. That story about cleaning up for the party is way too funny!!!! Enjoy your time off and get that shopping done.....


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