Friday Fragments

Half-Past Kissin' Time

~  My first day of break started waaaay too early:  Ally (my 14 year old Schnauzer) stood in the hallway in front of our bedroom and "woofed".  Because that's what she does:  She "woofs".  She'll "woof" one time, then wait to see if she gets my attention.  Then she'll do it again.  And again.  And again, until I finally get up.  "Shhhhing" her does no good:  I don't think she can hear anymore.  And so, my first day of break started at 4:00 am, letting the girls out and then attempting to go back to sleep.  Which I couldn't because she started woofing again because she was hungry.

~  I spent the good part of the day with MS & YS.  MS had a car accident (nothing major) back in August (I think it was) due to the university he attends failing to put up stop signs in a new part of the residential housing.  So, he's been without a car this semester, which was fine because he lived on campus and could walk everywhere...including work.  Since I'm on break, YS & I can share my car, so I went to his apartment (he had to move due to his fraternity losing their charter), picked him up, and brought him back to the Small Town.  We picked up YS and ate lunch, then MS wanted to go to Aldi to do some grocery shopping, then he took YS' car back with him.  

~  I picked up a couple of these at Aldi:
My mom used to make a version of these when we were little...minus the powdered sugar coating.

~  I started baking a few things last night:  Cranberry Bliss Bars, Red Velvet Cookies (I noticed some of them were gone this morning, so I'll have to make another batch), and the Mosaic Glazed Sugar Cookies that I made for my In-Laws 50th Anniversary.  I haven't decorated the cookies yet...I'm saving that for another day!
Mine didn't turn out as pretty as Recipe Girl's did, but I think I did okay!
~  Since I was up so early yesterday, I printed off some winter material for school...until I ran out of cardstock.  I figured I can laminate while I'm watching Christmas Movies (after the baking/candy making is done).

~  I wrote out thank you notes for the students who gave me presents.  I like to send them through the mail...I think it adds some excitement into their lives to get something in the mail with their name on it!

~  On today's agenda:  grocery store (for actual food for dinner), post office (to mail those thank you notes), more baking and I may get started on a few of the candy items.  I purged my Christmas notebook Wed. night:  there were things in there that I've never made, things that I have made that just didn't make the cut, and some things in there that I have no idea why they're in there!  

~  I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  I'll be taking a vacay from blogging until the weekend after New Year's Day to spend time with my family and just relaxing.


  1. I was up early, too - 3:30. May need a nap today, especially since I'm battling some kind of crud. :-( I had hoped to resume blogging by now, but I'm just too worn out by this bug to be able to think clearly. I may just wait until after the first of the year.

  2. Yes kids love getting mail with their name on it.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Have a Merry Christmas yourself! So glad MS wasn't seriously hurt. Yay for time with family!! I bet the kids loved getting real mail. I love getting 'real' mail!!! I think the cookies look great! We haven't made them yet, that is today's job. Hopefully they go well!!

  4. Hope you all have a wonderful and Merry Christmas!!

  5. Well you have been busy. I haven't baked yet but I'm only doing a few favorites this year and my Bohemian Hoska for Christmas morning will wait until Christmas Eve. I don't think I have ever had Stollen. I will have to check that out! Merry Christmas.....Love, Debby

  6. You just blew my mind. I had NO idea there was such a thing as red velvet cookies. WOW.

  7. I havn't started baking yet, hoping I can do some today.
    My grandkids just love getting mail..
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!
    Have a nice vacation...

  8. Enjoy Christmas with your peeps. I DO hope Ally lets you sleep in at least ONE day. :)

  9. First, I am glad that MS was okay but I'm sorry his car was taken out.
    Secondly, its beginning to look yummy at your house!


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