Hodgepodge of Olympic Proportion

Joyce has some excellent questions for us this week!  Join up by copying the questions into a new post, answer the questions, and don't forget to go back to Joyce's (click on the button above) and link up!

1. What's the biggest change since your childhood in the way people think or act?
I think people are a lot more liberal...or maybe just more outspoken.  

2. The Olympic Biathlon involves cross country skiing broken up with either two or four rounds of target shooting. Which part of that would stress you out more? Or would you love them both equally?
Cross country skiing.  Unless I kept missing the target; then it would be the shooting.

3. February is National Canned Food Month...what is your most often purchased canned food item?  What was in the last can you opened?
Cream of chicken or mushroom soup to add to recipes.  Cream of chicken soup was the last canned item I opened; I used it in Crockpot Ranch Pork Chops.

4. What river (anywhere in the world) would you most like to cruise?
The Danube. 

5. It's the middle of the night and you can't sleep...what do you do? Count sheep? Toss and turn? Watch television? Or do you get up and do something productive?
I say the Rosary.  Puts me to sleep every time!  My friend, Patty, told me that her MIL told her that when you say the Rosary and fall asleep, your Guardian Angel will finish it for you.

6. How important is keeping your cool?
I think it depends on the reason you're getting all worked up in the first place.  I'm a firm believer in cutting loose if the occasion warrants it!

7. I've got white stuff on the brain so why not run with it? White lie, wave the white flag, white knuckle it, white wash a situation, or white as a sheet...which phrase could most recently apply to your own life in some way?
Wave the white flag.  I'm learning to "Let go, Let God", which was the Small Town's German teacher's motto during out trip last summer.  I'm trying to realize that the boys are grown men; I was the best mother I knew how to be, so what they make of themselves is up to them.  

8. Insert your own random thought here.
After saying last week that I just wasn't into the Olympics this time, I was totally and completely engrossed in it over the weekend.  From Emily Scott's story, to Bode Miller, it is amazing at the trials some of the athletes went through to get to Sochi.  And, TJ Oshie's response when he was called a hero following the USA's win over Russia:
Photo: #Truth!
This boy's mama raised him right!


  1. I agree completely with what you wrote for your random thought...love that! We need more athletes like TJ! It is difficult to come to the realization of when your kids become adults, your job of raising them is over and the rest is up to them. However, I've made it known that it doesn't mean that I can't put in my two bits if I see the need. ;)

  2. I love that someone in the spotlight didn't feel the need to talk about himself. After I wrote about him I wanted to go back and add something to my number 1 : )

    I'm sure you've raised good boys!

  3. Loved your random Thought. Very powerful. I also loved your white comment. Have a good week.

  4. Its Olympians like that that makes me proud to be rooting for USA! :)

  5. I always keep Cream of Mushroom and Chicken in the pantry. That is sweet about the Rosary. Yes "Let Go and Let God" is a good route to take! The Olympics have been amazing and I'm so glad I am watching them. The athletes are so awesome and their dedication to their sport is unbelievable.

  6. Oh i did forget to mention cream of mushroom! we use that all the time for chicken or scalloped potatoes!
    Have a great week! I think people are definitely more liberal.

  7. That last one...what an amazing statement!

  8. I do like what that athlete said! so true too! I do like your answer about your sons; you did raise them good, now it is up to them, and I'm sure they will do great!


  9. I love your random thought :)


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