Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was just too short.  Isn't that the way most of them are?  You don't hear very many people saying, "Wow!  What a long weekend!  I sure am glad today's Monday and I can get back to work!"
Friday was very low-key.  CH called me on his way home and said he was feeling like some Captain D's.  When YS asked what we had for dinner, he asked if it was Lent already!  Nope, not yet.  But it's coming!
Saturday was another low key day.  A little laundry, a little Olympics, and the movie "Meatballs".  What a great movie!  Bill Murray just makes me laugh.  I wonder how many of his lines were true lines, or improvised.  And how did all of those actors keep from laughing at him all of the time?
Sunday, the flute choir had our first "gig" of the year.
We played during a service at our director's church.  Everybody was so incredibly nice and thanked us for coming and playing.  We had a pretty good performance.  The highlight was the potluck lunch after the service.  Those people know how to put on a good spread!
I got home, watched a little more Olympics, and then...the finale of "Downton Abbey".  Thank goodness this season didn't end with a tragedy!  The way it ended made me think that there's going to be quite a bit of love stories next season!  I even managed to stay up for the whole thing...I'm still having trouble getting to sleep.  I'd just like one night of laying down, falling asleep, and sleeping the whole night.  I'm beginning to think that's not ever going to happen again.
I managed to get MS' & YS' FAFSA done last night.  That's the last one for MS!  When I had to fill out the first one for OS, everybody was talking about how awful it was.  I haven't found it to be difficult, just a bit time consuming.  It's actually quite simple; they tell you where to find the numbers you have to put into the form.
Here's to everybody having an awesome week!  We're expecting some "winter weather" Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, so we may or may not have a full week of school...which would be 2nd full week since Christmas Break.


  1. I haven't watch the Season Finale of Downton yet but will be watching today. It goes by too quickly!! You have an awesome week too.

  2. For your sake, I hope that winter weather stays far, far away! We DEFINITELY don't want any here in GA! Yes...the weekend flew by for me, as well.

  3. Thank goodness, my husband has done all the FAFSA's for our oldest. :)

  4. We have a group of college kids from Illinois Weslyan University Choir coming on March 9. The concert will be in the church. I'm looking forward to it!

    I bet your group did a BEAUTIFUL job. I would have loved to listen in :)

  5. I was so glad everyone survived Downton this year!!!!

    We're getting one more blast of cold snow & air this week. Praying THIS IS IT. From my keyboard to Mother Nature's ears.

  6. I hear you on the sleep thing... Every once in awhile I will fall asleep easily but not very often!

  7. We've got a storm coming this weekend ... Sunday ... the day we have to drive 2 hours to T#2's swim meet ... district championships. I wouldn't mind if God moved it back a day. ;-)

    I've never ever said, even retired, that a weekend was too long. Even on the busiest of weekends, where I was doing lots of stuff I didn't want to do, I never said that ... if anything, I wished for a few more days of the weekend so I could have some fun days. ha!

  8. Two thumbs up for Downton although the season was WAY too short.

    Just taking a Sunday stroll through some blogs listed on A to Z so I'll be ready to visit in April. Hopefully we'll all be well into spring by then.

    Cheers! Sammy D at www.bemuzin.com


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