Weekend Wrap Up

 Friday started out with a 2 hour delay at school.  It turned out to be a really good call; I only encountered ice on the bridges.  I wonder why they don't use that delay more often?

Friday night, CH & I went to Subway.  It was really all we wanted, and we had the place to ourselves for most of the time we were in there.  After that, we watched "Last Vegas".  I just love Morgan Freeman!  If you haven't seen that movie, I'd recommend it.  It had us laughing almost all of the way through it.
Saturday was...well, Saturday.  I watched the Olympics and did a little laundry.  Very much a "down" day!  Saturday night ended with this little surprise:
That's just about all we got, but it was a fast accumulation, and it was all gone mid-morning on Sunday.  It was nice enough to take Laika & Pepper to the dog park:
There were a lot of dogs out that day.  I took Pepper into the small dog section for a little bit...until Laika started missing her and attempted to get in that section with her.  She almost had success when I opened the gate to let Pepper out.  She slipped in, but I was able to grab her collar and get her back out.  There's no doubt she would've had fun with the little dogs, but I don't think their owners would have appreciated it!
On Monday, CH & I took both of them to the park right next to us.  We take them over to a field and let them off their leash.  Pepper listens well enough to come when we call her; Laika has a training collar, so if she doesn't come, she gets a little flick.  She does really well, though; we CH hardly has to use it.  She listens real well to him.
While we were walking, we saw the remnants of the big snow:
Apparently the Small Town is too lazy to go back with a ladder to take the bows  & lights off of the top part of our Christmas Tree.  Maybe they're just going to leave them up until next year.  Who knows?
And now, one of my favorite spots in the park.  The "King and Queen's Chair" is in back of the fountain.  Good childhood memories!


  1. I want to see Last Vegas. I love Morgan Freeman, too, and the clips shown in the commercials all seem hilarious. I suspect we'll just wait until it comes out on DVD.

  2. Looks like things are going well in your neck of the woods!! I'm trying hard to keep up with my blogging and bloggy friends! :) Take good care of yourself and stay warm!!!

  3. I don't know about you, but I was sure glad to see the snow GONE! Bring on springtime!

  4. That sounds like my kind of weekend. Love the fact that you were able to enjoy the outdoors a bit. Childhood memories are good too :)

  5. haha - we had Christmas lights on our big tree for YEARS at our church where no one would come up & get them off... they were so old, it was the big fat Christmas lights...

    The tree finally fell over in a storm

  6. I bet the dogs were glad to get out and run around and let off some energy! LOL with the bows on the tree; even in this nice weather we've been having, I saw a lot of people that still had lights and decorations up, no excuse for it here (but I won't say that we didn't get our lights down until the first weekend in February but that was because son kept saying he would do it and never did, so finally hubby and me just did it :)


  7. The school calendar is quite a challenge here at the moment. The kids were supposed to go back today, but it snowed so a delayed opening. Almost as soon as they got there the superintendent announced an early dismissal due to concerns about the snow on the roof-apparently some tiles fell into a classroom which was empty at the time. Schools here are now closed tomorrow so they can all have roofs inspected. Hoping our own roof remains trouble free! Haven't seen Las Vegas so thanks for the movie suggestion. We've watched a lot of Olympics.

  8. Sounds like a good weekend. I did enjoy that movie and looking forward to seeing it again on Netflix!

  9. You are so good to your pups! So funny about the Christmas remnants! Lazy much??? ;)


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