Better Late Than Never!

Weekend Wrap-up:  Just in time for another weekend!
CH's uncle & his "lady friend" from Copenhagen (B & H) took a little trip to the U.S.A.  They flew into Dulles, and then were supposed to fly to Atlanta, but they missed their plane along with a lot of other unhappy people.  Their cell phone wasn't getting good reception, so it was next to impossible for them to talk to my FIL.  My FIL, BIL, and SIL all got on their phones to try to get them a connecting flight to Knoxville, Huntsville (Al.), or Nashville.  They finally were able to get them on to Nashville, but had no way of telling them.  In comes my SIL's sweet friend, who lives in the DC area.  She has an infant, but went to the airport anyway to try to see if she could find them.  My BIL sent her a picture of them so she would know who she was looking for.  She finally found a guy who worked in baggage (who had just finished his shift) to help her, since she couldn't get through security without a plane ticket.  2 hours later, they finally met up, and everything was set.  But not before B & H spent the night in the airport.  With a lot of other people who missed their flights.  My FIL & SIL drove from Huntsville to Nashville to get them, and they were in H'ville by the time CH & I got there Wed. afternoon. B & H ended up going to bed by late afternoon; woke up at 3 a.m., grabbed something from the kitchen, and then went back to sleep.
Thursday was Jack Daniels Distillery Day.  That included lunch at a local restaurant and a little shopping around the town square.  I originally had included our visit there in this post, but it made the post rather long, so I decided to dedicate a post just to that.  Come back tomorrow for my thoughts!
On the 4th, some of the group went to the Space & Rocket Center.  My SIL, MIL, and I stayed back at the house.  I've been to the ones in Cape Canaveral and Houston, so I just wasn't feeling it.  My SIL & I went to the grocery store, and I tagged along with her while she picked up some most amazing ribs.  Seriously, if you're in the Huntsville area, you need to find this food truck and get some barbecue!  O Taste & See BBQ.
My SIL got me hooked on "Rehab Addict" that day.  What that woman does with seemingly "throw away" houses is just incredible!  And, it got CH & I thinking about what we need to/can do with our house.  My SIL has such good taste when it comes to decorating her house:  she has a lot of little touches all over.

I thought I had taken a picture of her tables on either side of the fireplace in the den...beautiful.  She added this picture to one of them, giving that corner of the room just a little pop of color:
That night, my BIL, FIL, B, & H went to see the fireworks.  Laika was having an extremely rough time with the noise, so CH & I stayed home with her, along with my SIL & MIL.  Laika found comfort in my SIL's lap for a while, before I gave her access to the upstairs bathroom with the fan going.
The rest of the weekend, Laika and their dog, Lady, didn't have anything to do with each other.  They would pass each other and not even look at the other one.  I'm pretty sure Laika remembers their first meeting when Lady put her in her place right away.
All in all, a really good weekend!  My in-laws, B, & H left Saturday morning to head south to the heat. (I couldn't believe how nice the weather was last weekend!)  CH & I took our time before heading home.  We stopped by a campground that was on the way home.  I'm glad we did; I had heard it was pretty nice, and it would be if there were 1/2 the sites in there.  Too crowded for our taste.
We rested on Sunday, and I went to the grocery store.  On Monday, it was back to my summer schedule & CH was back at work.  Only 2 more weeks, and it'll be back to work for me, too.  


  1. Busy, fun, happy holiday times. You've been a busy gal. Enjoy the last part of your Summer break!

  2. Wow! What a travel nightmare. Thank goodness they didn't have little ones in tow! Glad you had a good weekend. Summer seems to fly by even more quickly once the Fourth is over.

  3. Wow. What a busy time. I'm tired now from reading. Ha!Ha! Sounds like fun tough, once the kinks were worked out.

  4. Seems like you just started your vacation! Can't believe its winding down. I stayed home too on the 4th because of Koda not liking the fireworks. We had a display down the street from us, about a mile away. When it came time that the fireworks were going off, Koda was in the bathroom so I just went in there with him, turned on the fan and closed the door and it muffled a lot of noise. Next time before I do that though I'll grab my cell phone. Boring waiting in there for 15 minutes, LOL. The things we do for our pets :)

    That was a terrible travel story; glad it all worked out, but such a hassle!


  5. The family/airport fiasco is insanity; glad it all worked out.
    I love rehab addict too…she is amaze-balls!

  6. That is quite the airport story....OMG! Sounds like a fun time. Honestly, two more weeks before you go back to work????


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