Friday Fragments

Half-Past Kissin' Time

~ We made it through another first: My parents' anniversary was yesterday. Daddy keeps putting one foot in front of the other.

~ I've gone a whole week with little to no voice. I broke down Wed. and went to the doctor: no bronchitis, no strep. I walked out with a prescription for prednisone & some really strange stuff that makes it hard to swallow for a few minutes. (Yeah, won't be taking that again.) I could actually talk yesterday, so hopefully things are going to get better.

~ My baby turned 20 on Wed. It's so weird to think that we made it through the teenage years.

~ One more week until Fall Break! 1/4 of the year already gone...unbelievable! 

~ My "mountain school" does this every year:
Appalachian Bear Rescue is just up the street, so the kids gather acorns and other bear delights to donate. Plus, it gives them something to do during recess!

~ So glad Scandal is back on! I plan on spending a nice quiet weekend not using my voice & watching all of the premiers that I missed this past week. What are your plans?


  1. Congratulations on making it through the teen age years. Hopefully you won't lose your voice again.

  2. Hope your voice comes back full-strength before to long. My baby turned 20 earlier this month. Man time sure flies fast.

  3. You survived the teenage years! You deserve a bit of spoiling! GO MOM! :)
    Its weird how a voice just goes out.
    I am so happy Scandal is back - it was great!

  4. Could be losing your voice is from allergies. It happens to me a lot in the fall. I get an inhaler and some steroids and it slowly comes back.

  5. Always good to get through the teen years and the kids are still alive :) I hope you feel better soon! Sounds like a nasty bug that you caught. I like the idea of the bear rescue and the acorns :)


  6. My oldest just turned 20 this summer. It's going too fast! I have plans to do the same thing- catch up on my shows! Scandal! laura

  7. I am a HUGE "Scandal" junkie! Love that show and Tony Goldwyn/Mr. President. Swoon.

    Hope your voice is better and you're feeling good.

    Happy Friday Fragments.

  8. I'm having the voice problem too. And a headache from the incessant coughing. Allergies are great, aren't they? Ha. 20. That seems forever ago, Happy belated!

  9. So, it's been quiet at your house?? LOL-I hope you get your voice back soon.
    Happy birthday to your youngest! I love the bear rescue and donations; so cool.

  10. Hope you get some rest and feel better this weekend. I know what you mean about babies growing up. My baby turned 21 this year. Time sure flies. I saw the pictures of your parent's anniversary. 62 years! Wow. That's amazing!

  11. I enjoy watching Parenthood and The Biggest Loser which have both returned again.

  12. Must be something in the fall air causing this "stuff." I've had a squeaky voice all week and a slight sore throat. Nothing serious, just aggravating! Wishing you a happy weekend and good health!


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