Memory Monday: My Family

Retired Not Tired Memory Monday
Memory Monday is back! I kind of forgot about it the past few weeks, but it's back today! Intterested? Check out the post at Retired not Tired.
Where to even start with my family? I'm a proud member of the Largest Family Reunion in Texas on my paternal grandmother's side. (So, if you are, too, we're related somehow!) All of my ancestors came from Germany/Austria/present day Czech Republic. That's it. No Indian Native American, English, Scottish, etc. 
Anyway, both of my parents had 7 siblings; my parents had 10 kids. 
Photo taken in 2002
Within my siblings, I was the first one to have more than 1 child. Then, one of my younger brothers had to best me by not only having the only birth granddaughter, but also have twin boys. Hmmmph.
If I ever was grateful that my parents had a lot of kids, it was when my mother passed away. Most of us are rather close...not call each other every day close, but if one of us needs something, the others come running. If you know any of us, when you see a sibling, you can tell we're related. Since I've moved home, I can't tell you the number of times I've had somebody look at me and ask me if I was a _____ski (my maiden name).
Just as all of us are different, my 3 boys are also different. I just can't imagine life without any of them!


  1. As always, I enjoyed hearing about your family. I love large families, and always wished I had one. Having three children, of my own, was the best I could do!

  2. That is quite a legacy your family has produced!! Love the pictures and your family history!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Large families can be a blessing or a nuisance. My husband's side is German/Austrian.

  4. The largest family reunion in Texas?? That is so cool!!! I'm envious of you….I wish I had a lot of siblings!!!

  5. I always wanted to be part of a large family. It sounded like great fun - Cheaper by the Dozen was one of my favorite books and movies. Your family is lovely.

  6. Mary...I would definitely say that you have been richly blessed!

  7. This is like my family! My mom is one of 11 -- but we are of the Irish/Scottish clans. And when my mom and her 6 sisters are together; you can definitely tell they are sisters. They even laugh the same way! Mostly, they are always there with a helping hand should anyone in the family need one. They organize our reunions and parties, and do most of the cooking and clean up too. Of course all us children (I must have about 30 cousins! and all of us are having children) help out too.
    My step dad is one of 10 and that annual family reunion usually numbers about 100. Now I didn't grow up with them, as my mom and he married when I was already an adult -- but my life certainly has been richly blessed by their wonderful and loving presence.

  8. Wow! 10 kids! How awesome is that! I think big families are wonderful. I wanted one, but I am blessed with 3 and in the future I'll have 2 step-kids.

  9. That is a large family, I can't imagine but it sounds wonderful. Both sides of my family are from Czecholslovakia.


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