Weekend Wrap-Up

The "weekend" started with a little parade at my new/old school. The Kindergarteners wear their costumes to school for an 8:00 parade around the school. (Then they have to change into regular clothes.) This was my favorite of the parade:
I spent Halloween night resetting my work iPad, hoping that I could get an app that I use a lot to work. They had an update a few days ago, but there was a bug in it, so they fixed it and updated it again Thursday night. Now, the app will open but immediately close. I talked to another person who has the app, and she didn't have the same problem. My reset didn't work, and I'm pretty bummed about the app not working. I really need to use it this weekend to do a few things. 
While working on the reset, I looked through Netflix for a "not-so-scary" Halloween movie. (I don't do scary movies.). I found a movie from 1959...how scary could that be? And, it was a Vincent Price movie:
It was really funny to see how far the special effects have come since then, and realize that it was probably a very scary movie in its time. I'd definitely recommend it.
While I was watching the movie and resetting my iPad, the wind picked up. I don't know how many trick-or-treaters were out, because we had a cold, rainy, windy Halloween night.  And, the Small Town High School had a huge game. The district championship was on the line: they played a Catholic High School that was undefeated. Notice I said "was". STHS won 21-14. The other team is actually in a different classification, but we're in the same district. This year, there are 6 state championships (1A-6A), but during the year, there are 3 "classifications". Really weird, but it's changing next year.
I spent Saturday prepping myself for the grocery store, then actually going to the store. I made our first pot of chili of the season along with some cornbread. Then the big game. I ended up going to bed when South Carolina went up by 2 touchdowns with about 5 minutes to go. Guess I should've stuck it out, because the Vols pulled it out in overtime! If I had done that, I probably wouldn't have been able to go to sleep.
I spent Sunday making a picture schedule and a couple of social stories for a student, taking breaks to clean the house & do laundry. Hallmark is already running Christmas movies, and this was a perfect movie for them! I was perfectly content to have them playing in the background while I was doing everything.
this coming week is a short week at work for me: Election Day is on Tues., so we have the day off. Don't forget to exercise your right to vote!


  1. Stevie! My youngest grandson dressed up as Stevie this Halloween.

    We had chili this weekend ... I should have made some cornbread to go with! Next time for sure!!

  2. I am working the polls but I had to take the day off. We are getting out early on Friday because all three high schools in the county are in the playoffs....and traveling 3+ hours to where they are playing. Monday is a Teacher Workday...and then Tuesday we are out. Love these kinds of weeks.

  3. I love looking back at old movies & what we thought were AMAZING effects then :) Even movies from the 80's are hilarious that way :)

  4. You have the day off for election day? Wow never heard of that before.

  5. Seems like it was a good movie! Can't believe Christmas movies on already!


  6. I'm not quite ready for Christmas movies, just yet! Hope you got your app working!

  7. Social Stories may have to be the name of my autobiography....
    ...and I am ready to watch The Holiday! "You look like my Barbie!"

  8. Ever since my friends slowly slowly all buy a tablet I have to help them out, because I was the first one who got one as a birthday gift !


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