The Dreaded Grocery Store

I am now officially in avoidance mode. I'm trying to avoid going to the grocery store. Maybe it would help if I wasn't so OCD with shopping. Am I the only one out there who has to go through these steps?

1. Write out what we're having each day on a calendar. (I used and download a free calendar.)

2. Check the forecast, especially this time of year.  There are certain things I like to eat for dinner when it's cold out.

3. Make out a grocery list using the app Out of Milk.  The great thing about this is that I have the categories organized according to the grocery store that I go to, so I can mark things off as I go. It also keeps me from buying a lot of stuff we don't need. Another great thing about this app is that I can pull it up on my laptop, enter my list, and it syncs to my phone. (Well, usually...last time it didn't because of an update-totally my fault- & I had to pull it up online.)

4. Look through the paper store coupons and then the coupons online.

Yep, I'm tired before I even get out the door.
snore emoticon

I just realized that this post was published with the title "The Dreaded Grocery Story" instead of "Store"! It sounds more like a story, for sure!


  1. I'm with you on the grocery store frustration. I was there today. They have these ginormous carts like at costco that you can hardly navigate and THEN they clutter up the aisle space with displays that make it too narrow to get down without knocking something over. Grrrrrr

  2. Oh my....I wouldn't want to go shopping either, if I had to go through all of that! I keep magnetic pads on the refrigerator. One for Publix, one for Sam's Club and one for Walmart. As I see we need something, I write it on the appropriate list. We usually go one or two nights, after work, toward the end of the week, and get it all done. I quit using coupons years ago. It takes too much time and effort. My time is worth more than that. It's not my favorite thing to do, but having the lists on the fridge makes it a little easier.

  3. I make out the menu before I shop. I hand write where everything is in order at Walmart. But now I'm sometimes shopping at a different store and all my planning goes out the window.

  4. I sort of do what you do; I plan the menus, make out a list (because if it is not on the list I'm going to forget to buy it) and then we "hit" the store. I need to do more with coupons, but I do try to take advantage of what is on sale at the stores plus one store we shop at gives special deals based on what you buy often (they track your purchases and send you your special offers, you load it onto the card you use at the store; I've save closed to $1000 since the program began back in 2012). I try to remind myself through the whole process that I am grateful to God to have the money to be able to buy groceries :)


  5. I'm so with you! I'm so very thankful that DH agreed to do the grocery shopping when we married.

  6. I always make out a grocery list dear.

  7. nice blog here! i saw you thrue other blogger...will visit more..blessings ❤

  8. I use the Out Of Milk App too….but I don't do all the other stuff that you do. Yep, you are exhausting yourself. :)


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