InstaFriday #3

According to Tori atHome Away From Home:
"So I've decided to do something new on Fridays; INSTAFriday. I'm gonna use Friday to share some of the pics from my Instagram from that week for all those who don't follow me and actually care. *WINK*"
We lost power overnight on Monday. It's unusual for us to be without power for over an hour, but it stayed off from 10:30- 7:30. Not so bad considering there are still people without it.

The following pictures showed up on Instagram as a video. These are from the day after the first wave of the storm.
 The pine tree in our back yard that hasn't snapped...yet. 

I don't think I've ever seen icicles on a tree before:
Laika enjoyed the warm house.
I love watching the cardinals in the snow. (I wish I could get a decent picture!)
No school all week long.
Ash Wednesday. The best line I heard that day: Get your ash in Church!
I saw these tracks in the snow leading up to our front door. Do you have a guess as to from what kind of animal they came? Raccoon?  Rabbit?
It's been a nice week for me with finishing up Parenthood, watching the snow, and spending time with CH & YS. Time to get geared up for this coming week. Only 3 more weeks until Spring Break!


  1. The tracks look rabbit to me, but not 100% certain. Glad your power wasn't off "that" long! Great pictures of your week.


  2. A whole week off? Awesome! Ice on trees, etc. is so pretty ... but ice anywhere else is such a pain. After the big ice storm we had 8 years ago, I'm a bit paranoid when I see ice in the forecast ... we were without power for 7 days, 7 very cold days - the house was 35 degrees when the power came back on.

  3. Wow! Are power used to click of in storms I know it can be a pain.
    Btw I'm Tori Leslie's daughter from home away from home. It is so nice to meet you and I look forward to reading your posts.

  4. Get your ash in church! Lol!

    Beautiful pics of Mother Nature!

  5. I'm so glad you were able to keep warm without the power. The snowy pictures are so pretty...from here!!! Spring break?? Fantastic!


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