Winter Reading Challenge: Tardy for the Party

Reading Challenge
Wow. We're down to the last 2 posts for the Winter Reading Challenge, and it's my first time participating. Go, me. I don't even know where I'm supposed to start since I missed the beginning of the challenge. I guess that means I get to start where I want!

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Do you think I've had a Ken Follett obsession lately? I finished Winter of the World (Part 2 in the Century Trilogy) mid-December. I absolutely loved this trilogy! Edge of Eternity (Part 3) was so intense at times that I had to just set it down & digest it. That is, until the end. I was a bit disappointed that the ending was a bit rushed, and there was a huge chunk of time when the Russian & East German characters seemed to be forgotten. He could have easily made this series a 4-parter.

Eye of the Needle was also excellent. I love how he intertwines fiction with historical facts. This book was about a German spy who could have very easily changed the outcome of D-Day. It was amazing. The book was actually made into a movie that was released in 1981 with Donald Sutherland playing "Die Nadel".

After all of those long books, I wanted to a "quick read". Kristin Hannah's books are like Nicholas Sparks' books. I know it's a good book if it makes me cry, and this one was a tear-jerker.  It was hard to put down.

I would highly recommend all of these books. I would also recommend There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell  (Lucille Colandro), The Snowy Day (Ezra Jack Keats), Snowmen at Christmas (Caralyn Buehner), Clifford's First Snow Day (Norman Bridwell), The Wild Toboggan Ride (Suzan Reid), Snowmen at Night (Caralyn Buehner), and There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Rose (Lucille Colandro).  (Think those would count towards my Goodreads Reading Challenge?) That pretty much sums up all of the books I've read since December!

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  1. I've been reading a lot this month too. Am reading Girl on a Train now, and just finished The Miniaturist which I liked. I haven't read the third in the Follett trilogy yet, so need to get to that one.

  2. I am interested in the Kristin Hannah books and would like to start reading her books when I finish up Jan Karon's Mitford Series. Do Kristin Hannah's books stand alone or are they in a series?

  3. I did read Home Front, you are right, it is a hard one to put down. I do like her books; Winter Garden made me almost burn the house down, LOL (left potatoes to cook and boy did they cook :) Looks like a fun reading party :)


  4. How have I never even heard of Ken Follett? ... I'll have to look him up!
    Home Front sounds exactly like a book I would read. I love Nicholas Sparks... though they all tend to be the same kinda story - so it may be good to read someone else's version of romance :)
    Thanks for linking up! Better late then never :)

  5. Y'all are making me look so bad as I've fallen so behind on reading books. I need to find my love of reading, again. Today could be the day!

  6. Wow! You've been busy. Sounds like these may be some books I need to check out. When and if I ever get the ones I have finished. lol

  7. Eye of the Needle is a GREAT movie. I've not read the book, but the movie is excellent. Edge of your seat!! That's a lot of books! I read at lunch and before bed, but don't have time to log that many in just a few weeks. Good for you!

  8. The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett was fantastic as a movie and a book. I have to check out Eye of the Needle.


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