Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday
Rebecca Jo at Knit by God's Hand started this link-up. Thursdays are a good time to stop and remember to be thankful for the little things.

 This week, I’m thankful for…

...a 2 hour delay on Monday so I could go to Daily Mass with my Daddy.

...being able to to stay at home and enjoy the view.

View from my living room:
From my kitchen window:
..for a puppy dog (>65 lbs.) who thinks she's as little as Pepper (< 20 lbs).
...for walks in the snow covered park with said puppy dog.

...for coffee.
...for college students who just want to have fun.
WBIR posted this picture of UT students involved in a snowball fight on their football field for the 2nd year in a row. The police didn't think it was so great...they cited a few students for trespassing and a couple for underage drinking. My 2 cents: they should open the gates for 30 minutes and just make sure that no damage is done. It would keep the students from climbing over the fence!

What are you thankful for? Visit Knit by God's Hand and join in the thankfulness.


  1. I love when big dogs think they are little tiny pups :) Our big lug is always wanting us to hold him....
    What a nice thing to be able to go to mass with your dad....
    Oh wow... look at that snowball fight. Its a shame people take a fun thing & make it into a bit of a mess.
    Thanks for linking up with me!

  2. Those pictures of the snow from your windows are so picturesque. I do wonder if part of the appeal for those college students is the fact that they're not supposed to be there (i.e., forbidden fruit?) ... IOW, if they open the gates, will they suddenly not have as much interest?

  3. Love the pictures of the snow, especially the one with the bench :) Great advantages to snow days or snow delays I do believe!


  4. I love dogs and yours is adorable!! I also love your pictures. Everything looks so beautiful!

  5. Your puppy is just adorable! And the pictures from your windows are SOO pretty! I think your suggestion about the college kids is a good one!

  6. I so agree with you....what's wrong with a fun old-fashioned snowball fight? Your views are lovely, but I'm so glad to not deal with snow anymore!

  7. Good things again. Your pictures are beautiful.

  8. It's great that you pause and see these moments! God is so good, isn't He? Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

  9. You have more snow that we do! :D Thanks for visiting me! :) I agree, coffee makes the world go round! :D We drink decaf but I still need it to get my day started :). Take care! :)


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