Not Snowy Here for the Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. Do you wear your heart on your sleeve, or keep your emotions tucked in tight?
Oh, I'm definitely a wear my heart on my sleeve kind of gal! If something is going on with one of the boys or I'm just feeling "blah", my close friends can tell. I try not to let it show (especially at work), but they can just tell. If I'm displeased with something, someone will know about it! 

2. How did you meet your closest friend?
I've said very often that I don't have friends, I have sisters. CH is my closest friend...we met at college. That's all I'm saying about that.  

3.  Pink lemonade, grilled salmon, cotton candy, pink grapefruit, a strawberry milkshake, or raspberry sorbet...of the pink foods listed, which one is your favorite? Least favorite? Which one have you most recently consumed?
Strawberry milkshake: most favorite

Pink Grapefruit: EWWWW!
I don't remember having any of them, and can't think of the last time I had any of them. I did have a grapefruit beer. It wasn't pink, though, but it was really good!

4. When were you last 'tickled pink' over something? Explain.
Monday.  I found out that an article I wrote was published in a professional magazine. I wrote a blog post for the magazine last year, and was asked to write a full fledged article!

5. Are you a fan of television talk shows? Daytime, nighttime, or both? What's your favorite?
Not so much. I do like to watch "The Chew". I just love Carla Hall!

6. When was the last time you wanted to ask a question, but felt too foolish to do so?
I usually ask when I have a question...even if I think it's probably something I should already know. 

7. My favorite __________________right now is _________________.

My favorite son right now is MS.
At least, that's what MS suggested I write!

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

We seriously need a snow day. SERIOUSLY. Why should all you Northeasterners have all the fun?


  1. I so agree with your random thought! We have a few inches of snow here, but I'm really hoping we get a nice snowstorm sometime this winter.

  2. Congrats on having your article published in a professional magazine!
    I'm with you on the pink grapefruit...EWWWW!

  3. Congratulations on becoming a published author! Woo hoo!

    We need a snow day, too. The weatherman said on the news last night that we've gotten a mere .7" of snow -- not even an inch!! That's just wrong! We are supposed to get snow tonight, but it will be less than an inch ... enough to move us past an inch in total accumulation so far this winter, but not nearly enough to even count, IMHO.

  4. Congratulations! That's fantastic! Ha-love your answer to #7 : ) There are very few grapefruit lovers in the HP today. I love grapefruit, but am in the minority here it seems. We had a snow day Monday, delayed opening yesterday, and are back on track today. Supposed to have snow overnite, so we'll see about tomorrow. Then more snow on Saturday/Sunday. I wouldn't mind if this one gave us a miss. It has been so bitterly cold too. I like the snow better when temps aren't in the single digits.

  5. Laughing at your #8. I posted something very similar to that on Facebook this morning! It was another fun Hodgepodge! I enjoyed your answers!

  6. Be careful what you wish with for the snow day :)

    Too cute about #7; I'm thinking MS was right close by to you.

    I too am known to wear my heart on my sleeve.

    Grapefruit beer sounds interesting. Was at a restaurant the other day with chocolate beer but no one in my party was daring to try it.


  7. I will be just fine if we don't get any snow here in GA. I'm ready for the arrival of Spring! Way to go on getting your article published! I'm so impressed! Autograph, perhaps? ;)

  8. Did you see Carla's new hairdo? Wow is all I can say.

  9. I"m with you on the grapefruit. I've never understood how people can eat those things or drink the juice. UGH. That's wonderful about the article! Congrats!

  10. I like Carla Hall too. I don't watch The Chew but I remember her from Top chef.
    You can have some of our Michigan snow!!! We will share!

  11. Congratulations on having your article published!

  12. WTG on the article being published! That is too cool!

  13. Wow...published. I am very impressed. I am with you on a snow day....or at least a holiday of some sort. Loved the MS comment in number . Made me laugh.

  14. I'm also "heart on the sleeve" person. I've been told that since I was a child and I imagine it's much too late to change now! Grapefruit beer? Hmm? I like both beer and grapefruit (although I can't have grapefruit any more) but I can't imagine them together!

  15. Thanks for stopping by. This was a fun read and I feel like I got to know you a little bit. Congrats on the published article.

  16. Love all your answers. Congratulations on the article. So cool.

  17. Congratulations on the article!

    We need some snow, too!

  18. We had snow last winter in Louisiana. I want just one snow day. We are having days in the 30s and 20s, so why not snow, not just cold? There was a time in my life I didn't have friends, except guy friends. I changed a lot, and I like having women and men friends in my life. It's fun to have someone to laugh with, cry with, or even if need be, shop with!


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