The Deal with Friday Fragments

I'm linking up with Traci at A Star in my Own Universe for Friday Fragments.

* You know what stresses me out? Those comment verification "I'm not a robot" thingies. You know the ones: the ones where you have to click on all of the pictures that have a certain picture. What if I think there are mountains in the background? Am I supposed to click on that? There are 6 pictures and they aren't very big, so what if what I see isn't really what it is? Who came up with this idea, anyway???

* I love Will & Jada (as in Smith), I really, really do. But...when I saw her speech about the Oscars, I thought "she's asking people to segregate themselves." Then, a family member basically said the same thing. She said something to the effect that MLK, Jr. wanted everyone to be treated the same, regardless of their color. As she said, maybe their performance wasn't up to par. I don't know that much about the Oscars, and I certainly don't take much stock in it.

* Speaking of big deals: Why is it such a big deal that a former VP candidate is endorsing a certain person who is running to be a candidate for President? I just don't get it.

* What is the deal with school superintendents "stepping down" and getting a buy-out? A near-by superintendent is  stepping down resigning (let's call it what it is) at the end of the year, and he's going to get paid. Seriously? If someone wants to pay me that kind of money, I'd "step down", too. I think he's been offered a job somewhere else...maybe not in education.

* Looks like it's another snow day for me today. Having a 1-day work-week isn't bad! I've got some things on my to-do list today, so I'm glad to have 1 more day to get it done.

* I'm trying to compartmentalize my life. From Bloglovin' to emails, I'm going to try this and see if I can get some organization in my home life. I'll keep you posted on how that goes!

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  1. I hear ya on the #1.

    #2--{rolling my eyes}--overpaid people...just saying, lol

    #3 Didn't we already discuss this ? {giggling}---she just grates on my nerves---the voice, I mean, not the person. lol

    #4 Oh I agree with you. want snow...I'll give you snow, LOLOL---I was rounding the corner yesterday and saw over the mountain tops there was a white cloud looking thing--by the time I got to the 2 blocks to the hair salon we had a whiteout. It is winter...I have to remind myself. (smiles)

    #6 I signed up to get blog emails ---I am loving it as I can just email you and others when I am checking my email.

    Have a lovely day, regardless of the weather, friend. Stay safe and warm.

  2. yay, for a one day work week! Thanks for stopping by :)


  3. The picture verification thing doesn't bother me so much; thought it was easier than the funky words. But then again, I'm better with pictures than words. :)
    Didn't hear about #2; hardly watch TV now that I'm living in the laundry room. LOL! SO want to get my life MORE organized too...soon. I love using bloglovin' for my blog reading which I'm way behind on! Happy Friday!

  4. Lots of times I find you don't even have to do that captcha thing on comments for blogs; the comment goes through anyway. It can be confusing though.

    From what I know about the Oscars (and its not much) the people who vote for those who get nominated are in their 60s and mostly Caucasian. The Academy is supposed to be looking into maybe changing up the voting pool.

    If it was any other former vice presidential candidate endorsing any other candidate than Donald Trump, it probably wouldn't have made such news. I just think both of those generate a lot more interest with reporters than probably the other candidates combined.

    How cool with another snow day! Just hope it doesn't make the school year go longer come summer :)


  5. They may be letting that superintendent resign, rather than fire him, and I'm sure he had a contract that they have to pay out to him. It happens all the time.

    I was disappointed in the Smiths AND in Sarah Palin. Ignorant acts that they now can't take back.

    Enjoy your day and I hope it is productive, whatever you do!

  6. Oh I am so with you on the picture verification!! There are several in the HP, and I almost want to skip them because that's a day I try to get around to as many links as I can. I guess some people have a lot of trouble with spam? I approve comments and most spam goes to the spam file automatically. Ocassionaly one slips through, but I just delete it. Snow day here today too! Enjoy your short work week : )

  7. This whole Jada thing just irks me to no end. Isn't that kind of bullying people to put people up for awards SOLELY for their skin color? Exactly the opposite of equality? ... I just try to ignore it all. Aggravates me that so much attention is given to these awards anyways. Pat rich people on their back for jobs that are so over priced. Teachers & nurses make what? & lives are saved &changed there... actors do what? ... I could stand on my soap box for DAYS on this one.

  8. It must be nice to get almost the whole week off. Hope you got to enjoy each moment. I don't like those comment verifications either, especially the picture ones.

  9. It really irritates me to see a super get paid for leaving. Teachers don't get paid for leaving. Hope you don't have to make up the days you miss at work. Have to agree with you on the segregation deal. Trying to organize my blogging life right now, too. Have a super weekend!

  10. These word verification thingy gets on my nerves too. If it doesn't work immediately I give up ! I didn't follow the Oscar story.

  11. Oh I totally agree with the Oscars thing!!! I'm sure the nominations are based on talent rather than race.

  12. I haven't seen Will's movie yet but I do believe they are making a big deal out of this. I go to the movies all the time. There were very few black movies this year and not the kind that get recognition at the Oscar's regardless of color. The Help and 12 Years a Slave got a lot of well deserved recognition.
    I working on that organization too......

  13. I'm with you - I hate those word verification things. I've seen talk about the Oscars too but I haven't followed it to see what all the fuss is about. Thanks for stopping by Friday and saying hello. I too want to see the other side of that pantry too! HA! And thank you for the kind words about my grandson. :) Hope you've had a great weekend!


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