Weekend Wrap-up

I actually had a pretty productive weekend. We were out of school on Friday for rain "snow", so I was able to get some work done...as in writing an IEP and an evaluation report, and work some more on a presentation I'm scheduled to give on Thursday afternoon. If anyone shows up. I hope people do come, because I've got some great motivational apps to share with them.

Anyway... I got laundry done, finished a book (and started another), and watched a couple of movies. A friend from church let me borrow a book about the man behind the Our Lady of Victory Basilica just outside of Buffalo, NY. Very interesting. It was amazing how everything kept working out for him. Father Nelson Baker is in the first of three steps to become a saint.

Movies: I don't know why I had never watched Finding Neverland before. What an excellent movie!
I also watched The Man in the Moon. Reese Witherspoon, Sam Waterston, and Tess Harper are all in it. Gail Strickland (who played Martin Sheen's wife in The American President) is also in it. I was a little afraid that the accents would be over the top (the setting is Louisiana), but they weren't. Of those 4 actors, only Sam Waterston isn't from the south, so maybe that's why the accents weren't exaggerated. Then again, Julia Roberts is from Atlanta, and her accent in Steel Magnolias drove me crazy.

So glad the Broncos won last night! Peyton is the man around here. Brady...not so much. If you're a Patriots' fan...sorry! This is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time:

And this was the most amazing thing I've seen in an awful long time. As many people were trying to get home after the March for Life in DC, there was an accident and many buses were stranded on the turnpike for over 10 hours. They ended up having Mass on what in the snow. I read an article that said that there were people who were stranded in cars that joined.
How can you beat that?


  1. Cool celebrating Mass like that! Sounds like you had a nice weekend. I was glad to see Denver win, sorry the Cardinals didn't.


  2. I saw that about the mass on the road - that is the coolest!!
    Some of those people were in their car for over 24 hours... OH HECK NO!!!

  3. I saw the story about the Mass on the turnpike on the news several times this weekend. Pretty incredible!

  4. I've never seen Finding Neverland either. May have to check it out since you said it is so good. I know my girls liked it, but I thought that was just because Johnny Depp was in it. lol

  5. I can't ever remember seeing that Reese Witherspoon movie, I'll have to check it out. We were cheering for Denver. That is really awesome about the Mass. Have a nice week.

  6. Love it when I can find a good movie to watch at home.
    Last night we watched "The Intern" on pay-per-view. VERY good.
    Best of luck on your presentation!!

  7. What a great weekend! So glad you were able to catch up on some work. Good luck with the presentation.

  8. Well....
    I was working diligently on my photo album project ;) So happy with the progress I'm making. So grateful that you gave me the Michael's tip on those storage cases. This project is going to free up SO MUCH space in my house which has limited storage space.


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