{Friday Foto Friends} Graduation, Animals, and Flowers!

I'm linking up with Deb at Breathing in Grace for Friday Foto Friends to recap my week. 
Saturday, we drove a couple of hours for CH's cousin's daughter's graduation. CH & MS drove up early for the actual graduation; YS & I went up a few hours later for the party. 
CH & I with the sweet graduate!
She'll only be 15 minutes away from us when she starts college in the fall, so hopefully we'll get to spend more time with her.
When she was little, she called the boys "my boys". We hated that OS wasn't able to be there.
When I went to grab a soda out of the cooler at the grocery store, this was right in front:
I've never seen this before!
Now that summer break is here, I dusted off my big-girl camera and stepped outside.
This little one was near our wooded area, keeping a close eye out for Laika & Pepper.
My favorite summer subject for photos! 
This little guy was right next to the front steps. He didn't look to me like he was real young, but he did kind of fly away after a little bit.
I don't think he looks young enough to have fallen out of a nest.
Look what is not only still alive after a couple of weeks, but looks like it's actually thriving!
I just might be onto something with the calla lilies in the front planter!
I thought I killed these amaryllis a couple of years ago when I put weed killer in this area, so I was really happy to see this:
My daddy gave these to us several years ago.
The weather is fantastic right now: the windows are open and the house is actually quite cool.  GREAT sleeping weather! We're enjoying it while we can...it will be hot and muggy all too soon.

How was your week?


  1. Your photos are lovely and I love that calla lily. It will be nice for your cousin's daughter to have family close by.

  2. I love to see your pictures! The animals and the flowers, they are so amazing. I haver never seen that little bird here!

  3. Wonderful photos. I love that planter you have.
    I hope you get to see a lot of your cousins daughter. Its lovely she will have relations close by.

  4. Congratulations on your cousin's daughter graduation. She's lovely. Love all the photos too. Have a blessed holiday weekend.

  5. I love it when you link up... Always great pics. Calla lillies are a favorite of my daughter. Wonder if the birdie had flown into a window and was a bit addled? Glad it was OK. Sweet family fotos, too. Hope you have a great Memorial day weekend!


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