It "May" Be the Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. Can you tell I'm embracing a Cinco de Mayo theme here this week? Do you like Mexican food? What's your favorite dish? How about on the side-black beans, pinto beans, refried beans, rice? What about heat-mild, medium, hot? Will you celebrate with Mexican food and drink on May 5th aka Cinco de Mayo?
I usually stick to my tried & true chicken burrito or arroz con pollo. I don't care for any of the sides, and definitely mild! I won't have Mexican food or drink on 5th May since I'll be at the CCW Convention all day  and well into the night. 

2. Ever been to Mexico? For work or holiday? Love it or no? If you haven't been is this a place you'd like to visit? Can you speak Spanish?
Nope, never been, and have never had a desire. We have some friends who are touring Central and South America.After seeing some of their pictures on their blog, I'm rethinking that, though.
 My minor in college was Spanish, but I am by no means anywhere near fluent. 

3. What's one thing you may accomplish this month?
Surviving the end of school. 

4. If you were mayor of your village, city, or town, what's one thing you'd like to see changed, done away with, revamped, or accomplished? Is serving in public office something you've ever seriously considered?
I don't know that I"d change anything. There is supposed to be a downtown in the works, but I'm not sure why. The Small Town has survived 98 years without one; I'm not sure why we need one now.

5. What's something that may be popular, but that you just don't get?

6. Can't let this week slip by without mentioning Thursday May 4th is Star Wars Day. As in 'May the 4th be with you' ahem. Are you a fan of the Star Wars series? Exactly how much of a fan are you? On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being 'I've seen every film, own the action figures, might have dressed as Darth Vader for Halloween one year', and 1 being, 'what's a Vader?' -where do you land?
When Star Wars first came out (many moons ago), I saw the 1st movie several times. I'm just not a very big fan at all. I'd give myself a "2".

7. Scroll back through your blog posts and in three sentences or less tell us the general theme of your fourth blog post. Does it still ring true today? Is it a topic you re-visit on your blog from time to time?
Who knows? Apparently my first 98 posts are gone; vanished into cyberspace. I can only go back to Jan. 2010. 

8.  Insert your own random thought here.
I'm in the market for a logo for 1 of my blogs. Does anyone know of someone that could help me? I've contacted Joyce's daughter, but I think she's going to be a little too busy to help me out, so I need a backup just in case. I don't want to spend a lot on it, and I don't want it to be "out there"; just something very simple and tasteful. I'd appreciate any and all suggestions!


  1. I'm sorry you lost all of those posts!!!! How horrible!!

  2. That's interesting that your town doesn't have a downtown. We just have a little one here in a rural town. I don't understand the appeal of tattoos either. Hope you have a great week!

  3. I agree on the tattoos. Both my daughters have them. Still don't get it.

    Hope your last few weeks of school go smoothly.

  4. stopping by from the hodgepodge sorry you lost your post.I lost my entire blog from over 2 years (somebody confiscated my account) very nervewracking in the least

  5. I can't believe you lost all those posts! Did you contact Google to see about finding them? I can ask my SIL if he has any ideas. I like the girl gave my blog a re-do. The way I found her was just doing a search and finding one whose work I liked. There are a ton out there. Unless you find a friend of a friend sort of thing. :) Good luck with the end of the school year. That's one time of year I will not miss. There is one little tattoo I wouldn't mind having but it holds deep meaning for me. I do not love the guys and gals who go all out and have themselves covered in them. I just don't find that appealing at all. Plus, I'm not sure we're supposed to do that to our bodies. To each his own I suppose.

  6. I was going to tell you to contact Pam (Empty Nester) because she just had her blog re-done and it is really cute...only to see that she answered you above. I enjoyed your HP!

  7. My whole blog needs to be revamped. If I blogged more frequently, I might be willing to do something about it. How awful that you lost nearly 100 of your posts! That's why I have 14 blog books published. I just don't want to take any chances.

  8. I will nudge my daughter : ) Her computer is so slow at the moment, so a little frustrating. A downtown? Hmmm...where I wonder? The times they are a changin'!

  9. Hi Mary :)

    How awful that you lost your posts! I lost a whole blog, but that was my fault. They're adding a downtown? How strange. I figured every town had a downtown lol

    I hope you're having a nice weekend and thank you for your sweet comments :)



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