{Friday Fotos} Busy, Busy, Busy

The planter on my front porch is really quite the eye sore. I need to research and see if I can find something that will actually thrive with little sun. Little water would probably be good, too, since I can't seem to remember to water them on a regular basis. We found these lilies, so we're going to give it a go.
CH & I spent most of Mother's Day in Home Depot, firming up the kitchen plans. While we were there, my favorite twins left something for me:
That evening, YS fixed an amazing dinner for us:
It was the last week of school, so I try to do something fun for the last day. I found this cute idea on Pinterest:
The kids really enjoyed it, and it was a cheap & easy idea. By Friday, my rooms looked like this:
Thursday, my in-laws treated us to an anniversary dinner (33 years in the books!):
I was able to get home on Friday before they left. My FIL took the above picture, and the picture below:
We had a couple of little storms over the week. Laika is not a fan:

Every time I put coffee in my new coffeemaker, I hear the Darth Vader theme:
I'm ready to take a couple of days to relax before I get into a summer schedule!


  1. Poor Laika with the storms. The coffee pot is too cute! Love the graham cracker treat too. Dinner looks delicious. Enjoy your summer break.

  2. Had to giggle at the coffee pot!! Enjoy your summer!! Happy anniversary!! You are a year ahead of us!

  3. Happy 33rd Anniversary! Love the coffee pot!!


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