{State of the Kitchen} Part 12: Whole Lot of Nuttin'

What a mess.
A whole lot of nuttin' went on in the house this past week since nothing could be done until the last wall cabinet came in. It's in and will be delivered this afternoon. As of Wed. night, I haven't received a call from the countertop people to schedule installation. I was really hoping everything (except the backsplash) would be done by the end of next week, but now I'm not very hopeful.
The pictures above show what we're living in. The doors on the left side are the rough ones; we're not sure why they're still in our kitchen. The boxes on the right are the trim and crown molding. There are a couple of drawers that were replaced hanging out there, too.
I have to admit: last Friday I was pretty down about having everything that belongs in my kitchen strewn around my house. I'm not a big fan of clutter, and right now my house is one big clutter fest.  When I took everything out of the cabinets, I just put them in totes and boxes, thinking it was just going to be a few weeks before I'd be able to put them back in the cabinets. Yet, here we are, 8 weeks later, and I still have stuff in totes all around the house.
I decided to go ahead and do what I could...which wasn't much. I put some pans and cutting boards in my pan cabinet.
I put some things in the pan cabinet.
I also bought a couple of things to organize a couple of drawers:
Top drawer of pantry; I'm debating about ordering another set of these for the drawer.
Slide out utensil organizer: I can't put anything in it because the countertop isn't in.
I felt a little better after taking Saturday to clean the house a bit and reorganize some of the totes. Not as good as I'll feel when it's all done, but...!!!!

I've used the oven a few times, and last night we took the plunge & used the dishwasher for the first time. After the washing machine debacle, I was a bit wary of using the dishwasher, but I knew it needed to be done.

Hopefully it won't be too much longer!


  1. hang in there! My sister and brother in law just finished a kitchen update! hang in there mary! laura

  2. Wishing you all the best, hoping it will all be finished soon!

  3. Oh my! I can't believe it's taking so long!!

  4. Sure hope you are on the downhill side of this journey!!


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