{State of the Kitchen} Part 15: The Light is Brighter

We're a couple of steps closer to being finished!
We have countertops! And crown molding!!! Monday, I was given a 2:00-4:00 window for the countertop installation, so I left work a little early to make sure I would be home when the countertop people arrived. When 4:00 came and went, I called the office at 4:10 to find out what was going on and was told that their first job of the day ran over. I told the woman that it would have been nice if someone had called me since I left work early and my last 2 groups of students missed Speech Therapy that day. Of course she said she apologized and that they would be at the house after 6:00. And they were. 7:30 is after 6:00, right? They finished up around 10:00...about an hour after my bedtime. I was honestly about to cry. If they didn't make it on Monday, it was going to throw the plumber (who came yesterday) off schedule.
After having the missing trim on the floor for a week, it was installed on Tuesday! CG2 installed the trim and the crown molding.
How the kitchen looked Tues. night.
He also made a frame for the microwave, moved the upper pullout down, and installed the remaining one. He drilled a hole in the shelf for the microwave cord as well. 
I was able to gain a little more storage with the additional pullout...perfect for my really small appliances!
The plumber was at my house waiting for me when I got home yesterday. He hooked up the sink, disposal, and dishwasher.
It's a real, honest to goodness sink & faucet!
Oh, but that wasn't without something going wrong. A clamp was missing from the disposal so he had to buy another one.  We looked around for it but couldn't find it.  I guess that's par for the course, because we're also missing the panel for the dishwasher:
Will they, or won't they find a panel?
I asked CG2 about it, and he said it had to be around somewhere, but it's nowhere to be found. I told him it was there when the project started, and said I wondered if something happened to it during demo. Just more sloppy management. 

My friend will get started on the backsplash on Saturday, and then we'll have someone come in and paint the walls and ceiling. And then we'll have our house back...finally!
Wed. night's photo: We bought a dimmer switch for the undercabinet lighting to achieve the "ambience" I' was expecting; we  CH hasn't put it in yet.
The sink is IN!


  1. Whoohoo!so glad kitchen life is nearly back to normal. Everything is looking great! We love our undercounter lighting.

  2. It's looking awesome! And I cannot believe there ended up being so many parts to this blog story!! #15!?!?

  3. It has come together nicely. I love it! Can't wait to see the backsplash.


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