Animal Foto Fridays

Another Friday already? Time to look back at my phone and see what pictures were taken this past week!

I had to really look to see the duck couple hanging out at the fountain. I've never realized how well they (especially the female) blend into the rocks.
This squirrel was desperately trying to get a snack from the suet. But...look at her tail. I felt sorry for her but didn't want her on the suet. MS said his cat got ahold of a squirrel the other day so it's possible that this was it.
My view as I walked into the park the other morning. The moon was full (or almost) and was peeking between the trees.
This last one isn't a photo but a video. Gurl Dogg trapped a squirrel on the suet in the middle of the yard the other day:


  1. What a beautiful fountain. It took me a minute to see the ducks too. No offense, but I'm glad the squirrel got away. lol Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. That poor squirrel and its tail. Also that is a cute video with a squirrel and Gurl Dogg.


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