Friday Fotos Returns!


There was a link-up at one time for "Friday Fotos" but I don't think it's in existence any longer. So, I'm going out on my own! We'll see how long it continues, but I'll be posting pictures from the past week for now.

This picture is actually from a little over a week ago. We saw this guy hanging out in the back of a truck as we drove to meet friends for dinner.
The male duck was out at the pond early one morning. I love seeing them during my walks in the park!
This is a "re-post" from yesterday. It is amazing to me how the squash are taking over this year. 
During my early morning walk this morning, I saw the "duck couple" (as CH & I call them) lying right next to the sidewalk. This is how close I dared get to them; I didn't zoom at all. I love how the male is constantly looking out for the female. She was able to sleep soundly knowing that "her man" was looking out for her! I didn't have Gurl Dogg with me, which is why I was able to get this close to them.

I've noticed that I'm not taking as many pictures as I did when I started blogging. As I'm getting older, I'm learning to allow myself to live in the moment and not worry about recording everything I do. When I'm gone, the pictures will just be erased; my boys aren't much for being sentimental!


  1. I love Big Foot. I wonder where he was going. The ducks are sweet. We had zucchini planted last year and took over everything. I don't take as many pictures either except for my grandson. Have a nice weekend.

  2. I enjoyed your pictures and I find I'm not taking as many either any more. I enjoyed your pictures of the ducks and Big Foot cracks me up. Hope you have a great day.


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