Random & 100th Post

Wow!  I can't believe it's already my 100th post!  Apparently, when you hit 100, you are suppose to do a list of 100 things about yourself.  You can find mine here if you really want to read it.
When I started my blog in February, I wasn't too sure about writing one.  I thought my life was pretty boring; I knew it wasn't nearly as exciting as someone else's I  started reading when her hubs posted her link.  One thing that I've learned in just the few months I've been blogging is that my life isn't as boring as I thought.  I'm enjoying writing and sharing parts of my life.

Okay, remember Linda's on vacation from the Random Dozen.  I'm being totally random with just a half-dozen things that have happened over the past week.

1.  Husband & I thought this past Sunday was Father's Day.  He found something he wanted:
And, it was on sale + he had a 20% off coupon.  (Auburnchick....you're rubbing off on us!)  Apparently this will help him with working on his motorcycles.  (yes,  that is plural)  So, I went to a part of the big city that I'm not familiar  with (but it was  incredibly easy to find) and picked it up.  For Father's Day.  Which we thought was on the 6th.  But it's not.  It's on the 20th, in case you're wondering.

2.  I know you can't believe I'm going on and on and on  you're not tired of hearing about my plants, so look at this:
Can you see the new growth on the plant?  I haven't killed anything yet!  In fact, they're actually growing!  My sister, the master gardener, came by on Sunday, and I showed off my plants.  She knows me so well;  she was very excited for me!

3.  Check out the amaryllis blooming in our front yard (completely husband's doing):
 And, the plant on my front porch:

4.  Walking around the yard, I found this nest in the crook of the gutter:
But then I found this one, too:
I wish I had seen the gutter nest earlier;  I would have liked to have kept an eye on the babies.

5.  Husband bought this for us over the weekend:
Not only is YS a blog hog, but  husband is becoming quite the blog hog as well.  He's been asking every day if I'd blogged about the table & chairs, and why I haven't  yet.  He threatened to take them back.  Hey, if blogging gets me stuff, I'll blog all day long!

6.  Another tough decision this week on the tv:  Kate Plus 8 or The Next Food Network Star.  Let me say:  Kate grates on my nerves.  The way she talks and over-enunciates everything, the way she used to talk  to Jon, and the way she talks to the kids at times.  The kids are just too dad-gum cute.  The little ones, anyway.  The twins are cute, but one of them badly needs an attitude adjustment.  But,  I'm sure that's one of the  drawbacks of having your life video-taped:  you have to be especially careful with how you discipline your child, or else you'll have Dept. of Children's Services on your butt.  The Next Food Network Star:  I didn't care for the winner of last year's show.  I knew I would never watch her show, and I haven't.  I have been watching since the first season, and I think it's  one of the best "reality" shows out there.  That Bobby Flay is just too cute.  So, The Next Food Network Star won out on Sunday.  I felt really sorry for Aarti & Das,  who didn't have time to cook their chicken all the way through, but I wondered if someone would tell the judges before they bit into it.  I also felt bad for Alexis:  his Beignets weren't cooked all the way through, and he received some harsh criticism from Wolfgang Puck.  I mean, if a world-class chef says that his wife would divorce him if he served that to her, that's gotta be bad.  So long, Alexis!


  1. I read your list of 100 things-I enjoy reading them. Some things I knew but some I didn't. Oh, and our current pup is Dixie. The dog we had before her was Abbey. : )

    Those amaryllis are spectacular!

  2. Impressive list. I love the new table and the flower pictures were awesome. I love it when you share your flowers. I do NOT have a green thumb and live vicariously through those who do. Have a Happy Wednesday!

  3. Congratulations on your 100th post, Mary!
    The flowers are beautiful!
    I'll have to take some pictures of the birds' nests around here!
    It's amazing where they build them, hm?
    Love the table and chairs and my husband asks me if I've blogged about something sometimes, too. :-)
    Or he'll tell me if he thinks something is blogworthy.
    I'm watching Food Network Star, too, and liking it.
    I don't watch the woman who won last year either, but I did watch Aaron McCargo who won the year before, for awhile but got kind of bored with him pretty quickly.
    I look so forward to watching this show! :-) It's good to have someone to discuss it with now! :-)

  4. We're fans of the Next Food Network Star, too! : )

  5. Congratulations on not killing any plants! That can be quite an accomplishment. Can't wait to read your 100 things post!

  6. YAY 100!!!
    Your flowers are beautiful and your table is lovely! teehee :)

  7. i didn't get to watch sun nite...we were watching the ncaa softball world series.
    thanks for catching me up
    bobby flay has some great ideas on his shows.
    i LOVE tyler florence and Ina(she's my fav)
    congrats on your hundredth!!

  8. So does he get more gifts when it really IS Father's Day?

    Congratulations on 100!

  9. I learned early on, blogging about stuff gets me more stuff. :0
    Love your plants...your green thumb is coming in nicely.
    I actually like Kate a bit. I think she was bossy to jon...but I also think he needed to be pushed around. He seemed quite lazy to moi.

  10. "Getting to know you. Getting to know all about you." Enjoyed reading your list. Learned a few things!

    Love, love, love the table!! Next time I'm home, I want to spend some time out there!

  11. Happy Hundredth! I need to get out more; I had no idea there was blog protocol for such a milestone!

  12. Yay for saving money!!!!!

    BTW, I watched Next Food Network Star last season and really liked Melissa. In fact, I record her shows. I love the practical tips she offers. She cooks on a tight budget, and that is very appealing to me.

    Either way, you chose well. I would NEVER watch Kate, but then again, you might already know that, having read my blog for a few months now! LOL

  13. Nice table and chairs!

    I love having our DVR. I was able to DVR Kate and Food Network Star. I think there's good potential for Food Network Star. I also enjoyed Kate Plus 8.


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