Here's how Kmama at The Daily Dribbles describes today's meme:

"It's Free Therapy Day!! That's right, it's Thursday, which means it's the Thank You Very Much day. The way it works is that you take out all your frustrations on people/things that peeved you off during the week and thank them in a very sarcastic way, for being who or what they are/doing what they did."

1.  To my body...once again you remind me that I'm not as young or fit as I used to be.  I appreciate the massive headache I got after working in the yard just a little too long.  I really wanted to go to that wedding Saturday evening, but couldn't even think about getting back in the sun with my head feeling like it's about to burst.

2.  Thanks to me for drinking so much water on Monday!  I drank 4 of these all day, including one after dinner!
And, since I drank a whole one after dinner, I was up twice during the night, which I never do.  It kept  me from eating, though.

3.  To my wonderful husband:  You were such a big help Saturday morning when I was digging holes for the plants.  What a great suggestion you had for buying a new post hole digger when I was done.
(Disclaimer:  My husband told me I could say anything about him, and yes, he does read my posts!)
(Another disclaimer:  I was PMSing like crazy, so I think he thought he'd best  just stay out of my way and let me do it my way.)

4.  To my girls:  It was such a delight to be waken up this morning at 5:30 when I have my alarm set for 6:30.  Not that I need an alarm since you both seem to be so excited for me to start my day earlier than I really want to.  I guess when nature calls, you've gotta listen.

Go visit KMama, link up, visit some people, and get ready to laugh at others' expense!  It really is great therapy for a Thursday!  


  1. OH my! LOL! Had to laugh at the post hole digger!
    And I have an early riser as well in our home!
    Have a fabulous day!!!

  2. Stopping by from Kmamas.

    I can totally relate with the alarm clock business. I always set mine, yet I am always awake when it goes off!

  3. You don't want a post hole digger for plants anyway--it compacts the soil too much on the sides and the roots can't grow like they need to. My alarm didn't go off twice this week--maybe I need your girls here!

  4. I gotta say that it's a man thing. All men show up with their suggestions AFTER you are done with the work. Then they want to tell you everything that you did wrong!

    Thank God everyone in my house sleeps late!

    Have a great day!

  5. Did the girls also drink extra water before bed?????
    Take care, Suz

  6. I cannot stand when I get woken up before my alarm clock, even if it's just minutes before. I like my sleep!

    LOL at the hubs offering to buy a post hole digger after you were done. Sounds like something mine would do!

    Thanks for linking up!!

  7. I might have been tempted to let him go buy the post hole digger and then hit him with it! :) Just kidding!


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