TYVM: 1st (Official) Summer Edition


I'm back with Thank You Very Much...I need a therapy day.  I've been good for way too long!  If you need a therapy day, click on the above button and link up!

1.  To the local cable company:  Thank you for mixing up the line-up without telling anyone.  You didn't tell anyone at all.  And, to top it off, you did away with the TV Guide Channel.  How in the heck am I suppose to know what's on without surfing through every channel?  Don't you know what a pain in the rear it is to check yahoo to see what's on?  That's just wrong.

2.  To the lady at Big Lots:  I so love it when people crowd me in the check-out lane.  After seeing you come out of the store and walking to your Lexus that wasn't in a parking space (it was beside the store....in the shade), I was glad that I had picked something up that didn't have a barcode on it.  I left wondering who in the heck you thought you were.

3.  To the referee calling the USA/Slovenia game:  SERIOUSLY?  I don't think anything else needs to be said about that.

4.  My weight.  I love seeing that I haven't lost any more weight.   Why won't the numbers go down on the scale?  I'm not about to give up, so you'd better just go ahead and move down, doggone it.

5.  And lastly, to my body.  Yet again you're reminding me that I'm not as young as I once was.   I'm still trying to figure out what I did to make my back hurt like it is.  Surely it wasn't picking up the recycle bin yesterday morning.

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  1. LOL at being glad that you had picked up something without a barcode. I would be thankful for something like that too. LOL

    Sorry about your back, I hope it feels better soon!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Oh, Mary!! I am soooo with you on the weight and the body pain! Growing old is just, well... I can't really say that word!!

  3. Not sure if you have to use Charter where you live-- as I did... but let me just say, some poor fool in India felt my wrath when I cancelled that JUNK a few years ago! Direct TV, baby! I have had ZERO problems, and MUCH better service! Highly I recommend!

  4. Oh, now don't you feel better?
    I noticed you were down 8lbs...that is really good. It will go, it just wants you to be annoyed first!!!

  5. Totally with you on numbers 4 & 5. And LOL at the Big Lots story. Don't you know that rules only apply to certain people??

  6. I too don't like it when people crowd you in line. I wonder why people think it is okay to butt in line while driving in a car but they are more reluctant to do so in any other situation. Is it really going to make a difference if you are in front of me rather then behind me, when no one is going anywhere. Just sayin'.

  7. You are so funny! Even when you are ranting! :-)
    We get used to the TV programming, too, and then they go and change it! Why? Hello. We have Dish.
    I didn't see the bad call in the USA/Slovenia game but I WAS watching when Donovan kicked in the winning goal!! Daniel and I about went through the roof yelling!! LOL USA! USA!
    Oh, and I do feel your pain about the weight loss. I lost 15lbs. about a year ago and have kept it off, though not lost anymore. :-/

  8. Just remember: Getting old is not for sissies!

    Hope your back is better.

  9. Love them all...and amen on the weight and body...my peeve...is when...at the end of the month...when I am counting pennies to buy bread and milk....someone in front of me...with food stamps...is taking forever separating their food stamp items from their beer and other stuff...and they go get in a Cadillac Escalade SUV...with a paper tag still on the window. Come on!....ohhhh,.....and they are talking on their blackberry the whole time they are checking out...as I pull out my old Nokia.

  10. Sorry all the problems you are having with your body. Your body also ages when you have a kid.


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