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This post is going to be purely selfish.  This is the time of year when the temperature gauge is getting close to the century mark, and the humidity is close to matching the temperature.  It's hot down here, y'all.  And humid.  Unless you're in a pool, you're in the house.  With the air conditioner.  And the ceiling fans going.

I'm so very thankful for air conditioning.  You see, when I was growing up in this same small town, we didn't have air conditioning.  We had window & table  fans.  Did I mention it was hot?  Yep, during the summer most of my days growing up were spent at the pool.  On the weekends when daddy wasn't working, we headed up to the mountains to splash in the mountain stream.  It was so cold it would take your breath away.

After Husband & I got married, I kept the apartment cool.  I told him that as long as we had a penny in the bank, I was going to be comfortable.  (Yes, that's the princess in me coming out!)  So, not only am I thankful for air conditioning, I'm also thankful that we have a penny in the bank, and electricity to make the air conditioning work.

What small thing are you thankful for today?  Emily at chatting at the sky  is doing her weekly link-up.


  1. Air conditioning and ceiling fans are also definitely on my list of things to be thankful for.

    I'm thankful for the paved road that passes our house. I don't have to worry about clouds of insufferable dust blowing over everything when ever a vehicle passes.

  2. Yep, AC rates way high on the gratitude list today and will for many days to come. Our unit had issues at the beginning of the season, but we quickly got that taken care of. The high today is 97 and I don't even want to know the heat index!

  3. I remember those non-air conditioned days growing up too. How the sheets would stick to your legs in bed at night, and no matter what you did, you weren't comfortable. Is it odd that I sort of miss that? :) Found you via Tuesdays Unwrapped!

  4. Oh, AC is definitely at the top of my list, too, Mary! Whew!
    I'm thankful for the peace and quiet of country living.

  5. When we lived in North Jersey the first time round we didn't have ac. When we moved to Maryland hubs kept the house icy. He said he'd lived without it for 5 years and he was going to be cool no matter what.
    Definitely thankful for ac!

  6. I didn't grow up with AC either and we lived in the river in the summer time! I'm with ya on the "princess" part!

  7. Oh yeah, AC is the best invention since the wheel! Our unit went out last week, and we are so very fortunate to know an electrician who specializes in AC and furnaces. Fred gave him a call and he was there inside of an hour and had it fixed and cooling in 45 minutes.

    We haven't gotten the bill yet, though. It was just under $1000 when the furnace went out on the coldest day of this past winter.

    And hot?! I have just checked my outdoor thermometer, which is in the shade, and it's registering 100 degrees. Which is why I'm inside and the dogs wanted to stay out for only 4 minutes!

  8. I agree...AC is a must now, not a luxury. We set it around 69 at night. When it went out last year, we slept in the basement cause that was the coolest place in the house. Good thing I'm an indoor person.

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  10. I remember those hot days as a kid, too! We didn't have AC in our schools here in Tiny Town until about 10 years ago. Talk about some miserable teaching days!

  11. My mom grew up in Ft. Smith Arkansas without AC. She said that everyone on their street whispered the SCANDAL about the family that had SIX kids. Turns out they had a ceiling fan in the BEDROOM! Oh my...that's worth of Aunt Bea, don't you think?

  12. Hope you always have a penny in the bank and that we have electricity to keep that air conditioning going!!

  13. I second this post! We had finally saved enough last December to purchase a new unit for our upstairs. Our old one had been creaking along for 26 years and threatening every summer to give up the ghost. We literally prayed it through last summer, and there hasn't been a south Georgia summer day this year that I haven't thanked God for that new one.

    Air conditioning ranks right up there with elastic as one of the world's greatest inventions.

    Found you on Tuesday Unwrapped. It takes me a while to get to them all.


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