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* It's my last week of "freedom".  Back to the coal mines on Monday for a week of Professional Development before the kids go back on the 2nd.

* I got an e-mail from Ms. Principal yesterday.  Because I tried to be a smart aleck and not put my name on the evaluation after the reading conference, I was on a list to not get credit for that day.  Hold the phone:  I have a certificate.  Guess I'll have to spend part of my day today getting that cleared up.

* CH is doing well after his semi-emergency gall bladder surgery.  He was able to eat yesterday; bland things, but food just the same.

* I saw on the news the other day that a bear who had a plastic food container stuck on his head for weeks was finally found and tranquilized.  When the container was taken off, the bear weighed 115 pounds as opposed to the 200 that it should have weighed.  There had been some sightings of him beginning on 28 June.  It's amazing that he was still alive!

* I spent Saturday at church listening to Dr. Scott Hahn speak. He is an ordained Presbyterian Minister who is a convert to Catholicism.  He talked about his conversion and about how to defend our faith.  He struck me as being very intellectual, but still very personable.  He was incredible!

* We had some overnight guest Saturday.  They were on their way to the BMW National Rally, which CH was suppose to go to.  Anyway, the guests didn't leave until around noon on Sunday, which meant that I missed early and late mass.  No problem; the university close by has a Catholic Center with a 5:00 p.m. mass.  I'm really glad that I thought to check out the summer schedule, because they don't have a 5:00 mass; it's an 8:00 p.m. Mass.  I have to admit, it was kind of nice.  There weren't a whole lot of people there, and, because I didn't realize there wouldn't be very many people there, I ended up having a front row seat, even though I sat in the 3rd row.

* Today is my last day to be able to go to Daily Mass...and breakfast with "the old people".  MS asked me why I go to Daily Mass, and I told him one reason was that it allowed me to spend some special time with my parents.  I'm really going to miss going to breakfast with the group, too.  I absolutely love talking to them.

*  I snapped this picture of MS & YS after CH & I got home from the hospital:
No, we're not geeks at our house at all!


  1. can't be time already! Glad the hospital time is done. Hope you get the year off to a great start!

  2. found your blog on the FF chain. Good thing the bear is OK. We don't have that many left.

  3. You go back to school 8/2/11? WOW we have vacation up here until After Labor Day. We also get out in June!!! I saw that story about the bear as well. I was so sad for that little guy. Can you image how afraid he was? Can't get the thing off, can't eat, can't drink - so glad he will be OK and I hope they left him some food.

  4. Very funny pic. I can not believe your summer's almost over! I'll try to stop complaining about how fast ours is going by.

    I'm glad CH is doing well.

  5. Love Dr. Hahn's website - I see me spending lots of time there. Thanks for sharing it.

    One of the things I'm most looking forward to about my new job is being able to go to Daily Mass on my lunch break every day :).

  6. Poor Mr. Bear!!!!

    You are so lucky to have listened to Scott Hahn. I have read a few of his books. I love his conversion story.

    I look forward to the day that I can attend daily mass every day. Right now it is one weekday night. Stan the man just cannot handle more than two masses. And to kick in Adoration afterward on our weeknight...that about throws him into the rafters LOL Enjoy this weekend!

    BTW had to laugh at your "super stah" comment. I SNL

  7. Back to work? Already????? That stinks. :0
    I am so sad about that poor bear....breaks my heart, but so glad he will be well now.
    Have a great weekend!

  8. Hey, that looks like our house!

    A few of my friends have heard Dr. Hahn speak when they've attended conference, and really liked him.

    Joan @ Ever Ancient Ever New published a great article on defending our faith. You can get to her blog from my friends page. She have some wonderful thoughts and great links.

    God bless!

  9. This has been the summer for gall bladder surgeries. My cousin, a classmate, her daughter, and my Alabama BFF have all had it. Mary is of course still in the hospital because her went on to be a pancreas thing too. Loved the inservice story. My bleeeech moment about starting school is that...1. I asked my boss for one of the abandoned rooms with all the technology bells and whistles (before the last day of school). Two male teachers got the ones on either side of my room and they will only be in their rooms half the day. I was offered one downstairs....across from the Spec Ed classes where my grandson will be. (Not happening...Hayden is my bestest bud...if he knew I were that close he would be in my room all the time). 2. I asked to be given first block planning only once if possible. It makes my day so long with an hour drive on the backside of the was a fair request....I got my schedule yesterday....I have first block all year long. cannot tell me that they HAD to do that. Griefus! With the heat...and since Susan's newest grandbaby is due mid Sept. We decided to come to Knoxville during fall break. I hope we can get together then. Have a great weekend.

  10. I saw that about the bear and thought the same thing you did. How was it still alive after all that time? Good luck with the new school year!

  11. That photo looks very familiar! :)

    Got my answer to the "When do you start school" question. Wow! That's early. Do you end early? Maybe you have a lot of breaks?

    I'm sure daily mass is nice. Better you than me, though :)haha

    Glad CH is recovering well and that it wasn't something much worse. I'll keep him and his healing in my prayers.

  12. The summer went by way to fast! Glad CH is doing well. I feel sorry for that bear. I never thought I was a geek but I look like that all day long!


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