Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. July 20th marks the anniversary of the first time man stood on the moon. Flash forward 42 years to July 8, 2011 which marked the start of the final Space Shuttle mission. Should we continue to explore space? Should nations devote more or fewer of their resources to exploring space? Would you want to go into space if the opportunity arose?
I know that there are reasons we should be in space, but I've just never totally "gotten" it.  I'm not very adventurous, so, no, I wouldn't be tempted to want to go into space.
2. What are three things in your freezer?
I just went to the store, so I have plenty of things to choose from!  I have meat, hot pockets for the boys, and ice cream, of course.  What kind of freezer doesn't have ice cream in it during the summer?

3. If you could see any band/artist perform live tonite who would it be? It has to be someone Beatles, Elvis, etc.
Casting Crowns; no...Amy Grant; no...The Doobie Brothers.  Do I need to go on?  It seems like "someone" is going to see U2 tonight.  Could this be where the question came from?  (LOL!)
4. Ice-cubed or crushed? Or are you one of those people who don't like ice?
Cubed.  Definitely.  We had a problem with the ice maker when someone would push the "crush" button, then when we pushed "cube" it wouldn't switch over.  I hate all those little chunks of ice going all over the place when it's on crushed.  (Remember, I have boys who don't know that you're suppose to put the cup all the way up to the dispenser.  They also don't know to pick up any pieces of ice that fall on the floor.)
5. The owner of a small restaurant outside of Pittsburgh recently announced he was banning children under six, saying they regularly disrupted other customer's meals. You can read the story in more detail here but isn't this a perfect topic to discuss in our Wednesday Hodgepodge? Have at it friends...what are your thoughts?
Honestly, I think that if the owner wants to do that, he has the right.  It is pretty aggravating to pay to eat dinner out only to have little kids screaming and acting out, and for the parents to not address their behavior.  (Not that my boys ever did anything like that, of course!  But, at least we addressed the behavior and removed them if we needed to.)  People are just so inconsiderate these days.
6. What was your first car? How did it come to be yours? 
The first car that was mine and only mine was my Dodge Omni.  My daddy bought it when I was a senior in college so I could do my student teaching.

7. If I had a nickle for every time I _________________ I'd be rich.
Since I talked about my boys not knowing how to pick up ice, I'll stay with that theme and say "picked up after the boys".
8. Insert your own random thought here. 
There is a seminarian in our parish who is doing an internship as a hospital chaplain.  He is from South America, and doesn't have his US driver's license, so he needs rides to & from the hospital.  There are 3 or 4 of us who are making sure he has rides as needed.  Thankfully I've been able to help out this summer.  Yesterday he gave me some soup that he had made:
  OH.MY.WORD.  It was so incredibly good.  Crab, salmon (I think), scallops, & octopus in cream, coconut milk, and something else that I don't remember.  I crisped a couple of pitas with garlic salt on them (next time I'm just going to go with the garlic powder), and MS & I had a wonderful lunch.  CH is allergic to crab and coconut, so, as one of the boys said, it would pretty much kill him.  MS said that I needed to get the recipe and make it when CH is out of town.  YS smelled it and turned up his nose because, well, it smelled like seafood.  (Go figure, huh?)

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  1. I agree with #5. I want to enjoy the company I went out to eatvwith,not some over tired child who needs to go to bed

  2. The soup looks like a seafood green curry. Green curry anything is my favorite!

    Hey, I gotta find inspiration every Tuesday from somewhere, right? Enjoy your day!

  3. I'm with you on the cubed. I find that crushed ice melts too quickly and dilutes my drink.

    That soup sounds wonderful!

  4. You know, with the state of the economy as it is, I just don't see how the expense of the space program can be justified. Can you imagine what the government could do with all of that money? How about raising the pay of those serving in the military? Or maybe we could use it to pay off some of the national debt!!

    Regarding crushed vs cubed ice, I love mine crushed, but I understand your ire about nobody picking up the chips. The way I look at it, it's the only time my floor gets clean. LOL

    Have a great day!

  5. Picking up is a good one too! I've loved seeing what others have filled in the blank with.

    I'm with you - I'm not sure I get the whole "space" thing... but its obviously someone's dream to grow up to be an astronaut. I'll keep my feet on the earth thankyouverymuch

  6. I agree, the owner should be aloud to handle the situation however he wants.

    I like my ice crushed where I can get a sip of it every time I sip my drink.

    Your soup looks yummy.

  7. What an interesting hodgepodge this week!

    As for the space program...while I have no desire to go myself, I do think we need to continue exploration. Maybe it's because I grew up in and around Huntsville, where space is a very big thing. It gets in your blood.

    What kind of freezer doesn't have ice cream? Mine. Fred's a diabetic, and ice cream is the last thing I need tempting me from the cold depths of the freezer.

    Crushed ice, please, and no thank you on the concert - I didn't even like going when I was young. Too chaotic, too loud, and all that pot-laden air made me actually fall asleep at a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert once.

    My first car was an avocado green Vega hatchback...second was a silver Pacer!

    And anything made with coconut milk gets my approval!

  8. My freezer doesn't have any ice cream in it. You don't get to keep ice cream in the freezer when you're trying to lose a crap ton of weight! LOL

  9. Your meal sounds delicious. Enjoyed reading your answers to Joyce's questions. I don't care for crushed either but Skye loves to eat the pieces up from the floor!

  10. Mary, that is just so kind of you to be pitching in with the rides!

    I agree about the restaurant issue.

  11. Our freezer almost always has ice cream in it, even in the winter :)

  12. Your answers always crack me up!!
    In our house, crushed ice...and not just regular crushed would be the special little pellet ice cubes. We searched for months to find the right ice maker for our house....and then we still could not get it right. :)
    If I had a nickel for each time I blogged about my kids...well, then we would BOTH be rich. :)

  13. I love crushed ice! I think if we had a fridge with a dispenser I would drink a ton of water with crushed ice in it. My kids laugh but my ultimate drink is a coke in a styrofoam cup with crushed ice. Heaven. :)

    That soup sounds amazing. Yum!

    (I agree about the space program, I just don't get it.)


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