Unusual Sightings

Over the past few days, I've seen some things that have made me smile, chuckle, and scratch my head.  (Warning:  #3 is a bit "raunchy")

1.  As I was pulling out of my driveway this morning, a tractor drove by.  The man driving it was on his cell phone.  It just struck me as funny for some reason!

2.  Yesterday at the grocery store, I saw a man and his grandson walking out.  They were dressed just alike:  cowboy hat, western shirt, blue jeans, cowboy boots.  The little boy even had spurs on his boots.  It was just the cutest thing!  I had my camera in my pocketbook and thought about asking if I could get a picture, then decided that would just be too weird.

3.  Saturday I had to run into a grocery store to get a few things.  As I'm getting in line to check out, I notice a couple in the lane next to where I am.  The girl had on a "Young Life" t-shirt.  The guy had on a shirt that said  "Sex Police    K-9 unit".  Then the line under that had something about doggie-style.  What's wrong with that picture?  I was actual embarrassed for the girl.

Have you seen anything that you think is unusual lately?


  1. I can picture the tractor dude with the cell phone. I grew up in a small town where seeing tractors on the road was the norm. Seeing cell phones was not...way back in the 80's. Too cute.

    BTW, you totally should have Kineered the grandfather/grandson duo.

  2. Thanks for sharing those, Mary. I haven't seen anything real cute or interesting lately. The #3...my 2 cents...if he had any respect for himself (or his companion) he would not wear that kind of stuff.

  3. That guys' shirt is obnoxious....and anyone who wears that out in public is as well. Right?
    I see crazy all the time....I just can't remember it!!

    The g'pa/g'son sounds adorable.

    The Coach has one 'bad' shirt, it says:: "Looking forward to Regretting this"
    I think it is pretty funny....especially since he is such a clean living kind of guy! He has no regrets!

    Cleaning my oven today...I thought about YOU.

  4. @Patty: I completely agree. If he had any self-respect, he wouldn't wear that out of the house, or even own a shirt like that.

  5. LOL. What is it they say about real life sometimes being stranger than fictiom?!...One of my personal favorite photos is of our youngest son, age 3 (at the time), dressed in cowboy shirt and cowboy hat standing next to my Dad who was dressed the same way. Love it.

  6. how far out in the sticks do you live, my friend? ;D the t-shirt... i have no words.

  7. Un-be-lievable....
    I am with H-Mama....I have no words.

  8. Today as I was driving down Old Knoxville Hwy..I swear I saw this woman drop her lit cig and pick it up and keep right on smokin'....I threw up a little bit in my mouth!!

  9. Aww
    1.) I could see the humor too... it's kind of ironic in a way.
    2.) Adorbz! That's why you have to bust out your camera phone and pretend you're trying to get service or something so you can snap a picture. :o)

  10. So it's okay to drive a tractor and talk on your sell phone :)
    It would have been weird to ask but I would have loved to see them.
    There are a lot of nasty t-shirts out there.


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