Friday Fragments: Spring Break style

Mommy's Idea

~It's FINALLY here!  Spring Break!  Woo-Hoo!  (I still have to get through today, then I'm scott-free for the week!)  I'm afraid the week is going to go by waaaay too fast...don't they always when you don't have work?

~  My plans are some reading, flute-playing, cleaning, and maybe some painting.  Our kitchen area really needs it.  After 8 years, I think it's time to spruce the place up a bit.

~  The temps are suppose to be in the mid-70's!  I just KNEW we'd get snow next week since we haven't gotten any this year.  Maybe we'll get some the week after as a sort-of "last hurrah" for winter!

~ I e-mailed the person in charge of a local community band, and he gave me the date to meet for next fall, so now I have a date to shoot for.  I don't think my fingers will ever get back to be as fast as they were, but if I can just get a little close, I'll be happy!

~ Don't forget to set your clocks forward on Saturday night!


  1. I am right with you, sista! You did forget to mention sleeping. :)

  2. My kids have a whole month and a half before spring break. Which is good because we are going on vacation then so that gives me time to get the laundry done and pack...(I despise laundry).

    I can't believe it's Spring Forward time already. Where does the year go?

    Happy Friday!

  3. Enjoy your break! You've earned it. What color are you going to paint the kitchen? It will be so fun to have it done.

    Good luck with the band. Very cool that you're going for it.

  4. Hope you enjoy your Spring Break! I spent most of mine grading.

  5. I'm so thrilled for you - Spring Break is here! Ok, it'll be here this afternoon ... close enough!

    I'm excited about the time change ... I don't mind getting up before it's daylight ... a small price to pay for more time after dinner. In December, it got dark so early that I really thought it was time to go to bed right after dinner!

  6. Have fun working on that flute!

  7. Enjoy your spring break, friend!

  8. The college has been on spring break this week so I've been able to spend tons of time with DoodleBug! It's been fantastic! I bet your fingers will get right back to fast as they reacquaint themselves with your flute. You should post us a video of you playing!

  9. Enjoy your Spring Break!

    Good luck with the band in the Fall. I played flute in middle school and high school. I am very sad to say that I let that go. It's been probably twenty years since I touched my flute. reading your post made me miss it!


  10. Once when I was still teaching we had a MAJOR snow storm in the MIDDLE of Spring Break.

    I didn't even care - - - all I wanted to do on break was hibernate in my cozy little house and rest.

  11. 70s and no snow sounds like a recipe for a great spring break.

  12. Our spring break isn't until next month and we don't turn our clocks forward for a couple of weeks either. I guess Europe is just on a slower pace, lol!

    Enjoy your time off!!

  13. Have a great spring, Mary! So excited for you and taking up the flute again! Enjoy your time off!!

  14. Ah spring break!! Woohoo, I hope you get everything done you wanted to get done. I actually enjoy painting, isn't that weird?

    I would need so much practice to be able to play my violin 'for real' again. I hope you make your goal, truly. My fingers hurt when I push it too fast, though.


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