Meet Me on Monday

Blogging  is a funny thing...we tell our most intimate thoughts for all to read  and yet most of the time I find myself sitting and wondering, "who is  this person!?"  I know them...but yet I don't know them!  I want  to know who the person is behind all those words so I thought of a great  way for all of us to "meet" each other!

Every Sunday Never Growing Old will post five get to know you  questions that you can copy and paste into your own Monday post and we  can all learn a little more about each and every one of us!!

Java will add a linky so we can follow who participates and get to know them  better!!  Be sure to link the POST and not just your whole blog!!


1.  Tomorrow I am _________
going to be super busy.  One bright spot:  After tomorrow, only 2 more Mondays before Summer Break!

2.  When is your birthday?
March 29th.

3.  What are you currently excited about?
A new school assignment.  While I really hate to leave one of my schools, I'm being assigned to the newest school in the system (this is the first year it's been open).  I've heard great things about the principal, and the technology is up to date!

4.  Do you have any secrets?
I'm an open book.  I can keep a secret, but mainly because I've got so many other things going on, I can't remember what the person told me!

5.  What do you normally eat for lunch?
A lot of times I'll eat leftovers from supper the night before.  If I don't have any leftovers, I'll take a sandwich and an apple.


  1. Wish I had only two more Mondays to go. I don't get out until June 8th.

  2. 1. Tomorrow I am....well, it will be Tuesday, so just another schoolday to get Bella ready for. Nothing unusual as far as I know!

    2. January 4, 1967

    3. I'm currently excited about Thomas leaving in a few minutes, lol! He'll be gone about 10 days and it's always nice to have the house to yourself for short periods of time!

    4. What woman doesn't???

    5. I eat a lot of leftovers too! Pasta is always good too, though.

    Have a great week!!!

  3. My answer was the same for #2, except I have 3 more Mondays before my son is out for the summer!

  4. Only 2 more Mondays...awesome! Also congratulations on the school move. Change can be so good. Have a great week.

  5. School doesn't end until June 18th here! Up to date technology is always nice : )

  6. We've only got about 3 weeks of school left. Don't know what I'm going to do with the grandkids then! My two older ones are in Washington state and don't get out till June 20th!


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