Weekend Wrap-up: a day late!

Weekend Wrap-up at a Defined Life

Apparently it's not too late to join in  with Stephani's Weekend Wrap-up!  I have no excuse for not getting this posted yesterday, other than pure laziness.  I'm really having a lazy summer this year!  And so, here's my wrap-up, as weak as it is!

 MS was so excited on Friday:  he went to the Habitat Store and got all this for $35!  6 button-downs, 2 polo-style shirts, 2 shorts, a bathing suit, Columbia long pants, and a camo vest.  All of the shirts are named-brands and look new.
Sunday, YS left for his last high school band camp.  It's a bit sad, knowing that this marks the beginning of his "high school lasts".
Crate training is going well with Laika.  After coming home last Sunday to some "minor" messes, I decided that enough is enough, and whether she likes it or not, she's going in the crate.  I think we're going to have to go up to the next size crate if she keeps growing.

I watched a LOT of this little tennis tournament last week.  See where I'm sitting in the Press Centre?  That's where the tennis players sit for their interviews post-match.  It was so cool to finally see it on tv, knowing that I've walked through the Centre and seen, with my own eyes, Henman Hill, Centre Court, Court 1, and everything else they showed on tv.  CH can't believe that I still get so emotional recalling that visit.  Definitely one of the highlights of my life so far!

Yesterday was a bit of a bummer.  We had a wooden bar with 3 pegs on our bathroom door for towels that I've hated since the first day I saw it.  CH had glued it to the door after it fell off with the weight of 2 towels.  So, I decided to try to get it off.  The result was a splintered door.  YIKES!  Then, I decided to go ahead and put the over the door towel rack together.  Things were going great, but then one of the screws wouldn't go in because the hole wasn't big enough.  At that point, I was really frustrated, and decided to just give up.  After looking online, I "think" I can fix the door good enough to repaint it, which was my initial goal.  If that doesn't work, I guess we'll get a new door.  So...I'm off this morning to exchange the towel rack, and buy wood glue and wood putty.  Fingers crossed, everyone!

It's not to late to get involved in the Weekend Wrap-up


  1. thats exactly why I dont try home improvements! :)

    Look at that deal - I want to find that many items for $35!!!!

  2. I sure am glad that the meme is still open ... I posted my Weekend Wrap-up yesterday, but forgot to link up until I saw your post this morning. Ooops!

    We crated our dogs ... when we got Abby as a puppy, we bought the Labrador Retriever sized crate and had a small divider made at a metal shop in town. We used the divider to make a small area for her and moved it as she grew until she was fully grown.

  3. I'm a Federer fan but I was kind of rooting for the hometown team.

    Definitely think a crate is the way to go with a dog!

  4. I ALWAYS get "emotional" over trips from the past especially when they were awesome trips!

  5. Apparently I need to start shopping at the Habitat store or somewhere similar! I admire your courage to make the repairs; I would have been handing that job over to hubby! Thanks for joining in again! I hope we can get some more people involved.

  6. Sorry about the door! Skye was our first crated dog. She doesn't need it anymore but I think it is a great way to train puppies.


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