Last Saturday, we celebrated my parents' 60th Wedding Anniversary.  It was a very simple celebration with just the family.  One of my sisters and her husband hosted the event.  We brought finger foods, and visited.

 We were all there except for one of my sisters who lives in Missouri...she came down a couple of weeks ago for our Sisters' Weekend.  I know that was a tough decision for her, but I think she made right one.  I mean, if she hadn't chosen our weekend, she wouldn't have had her first pj day!  But, this isn't about her!

(Yeah, so I hijacked this picture from another sister's fb page!  Love you, Oldest sis!)

The sister that hosted the event did a very nice job.   They set up tables outside, and the setting was just gorgeous.  They live out in the woods, and their property backs up to a mountain.

The still happy couple:

As an added surprise, my youngest brother wrote a song for my parents.  He even added a flute accompaniment and gave me the honor of performing it with him:

At one part in the song, I started to glance up at my parents and it looked like my mom was getting a little emotional, so I made sure that I didn't look up again.  I would've totally lost it!  Anyway, it was a nice present for me to be able to do that for them after everything they have given all of us.
60 years is an enormous accomplishment.  It's great to see them going strong after all of these years!


  1. Happy Anniversary to your parents!

  2. Happy anniversary to your parents ... what a sweet way to celebrate 60 years together.

  3. Oh my goodness! What a wonderful celebration, Mary! They are such an example for others and this world needs it today. What a lovely gift your brother "wrote" and you helped deliver. Those are the gifts that are the best.

  4. A belated happy anniversary to your parents! Sounds like a great celebration. Kind of reminded me of get-togethers with my cousins who have a large family. Coming from a small family (with both of my siblings deceased) I'm jealous of these large family gathering!

  5. Your parents are so cute! Happy 60th to them; that is a big accomplishment!

  6. I wasn't letting myself look at them either... I had to sing!

  7. Happy 60th to your parents. What a sweet tribute. You are quite good on the flute!

  8. What a sweet song and I enjoyed listening to you play the flute.
    Well done!!! Sixty years, that is truly amazing. Happy Anniversay to your parents.

    Mary, have you recently joined google+? You are now a no-reply for your comments to me. Several people who are google+ are no-reply now. I have a link on my right sideboard that can help you fix the issue. I love to comment back but can't now. Debby

  9. Happy Anniversary to your parents! What a wonderful celebration for the whole family. I loved seeing your flute performance and seeing EEK on your blog!!! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Happy Anniversary to your parents!!!

    Beautiful performance :)


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