Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

~  I just looked at next year's school calendar and briefly thought that I need to check my son's school calendar to see if we have breaks at the same time. Then I remembered that he will be off to college, so it won't matter.  *sigh*

~ Tonight is "Senior Night" at the football game.  It's my last Senior Night, so I'm feeling just a tad bit sad today.

~  Interesting story from my mountain school:  Earlier this week, the custodian was walking across the parking lot and noticed a pigeon walking in the lot.  He walked up to it, and the pigeon hung around him.  Then, when he held out his arm, the pigeon flew onto it.  Big clue that it was tame and belonged to somebody.  One of the 2nd grade teachers (the one from the "Skunkape" fame) had walked out to his car, so the custodian called him over.  They realized the bird had bands on his legs, so they put him in a net and the teacher took it home.  After researching, he found the owner, who lives in Asheville, NC.  Turns out that the pigeon is a racing pigeon that had been in a race before Sandy hit.  The guy said that a lot of people lost their pigeons, so he was really happy to get him back.  The owner said he couldn't get over here for a few days, but in the meantime the teacher did more research and found that when the birds land, they need food & water for a couple of days, then, if you let them go, they will fly home.  The teacher called the owner, and they decided to give it a try.  The bird will be releases tomorrow, since they have to be released during the day and the teacher comes to school when it's still dark.  Fingers crossed he makes it home!

~  CH wanted to go camping this weekend, but I just need a weekend to be at home to watch football and just veg out.

~ I was given a bass flute last night at flute choir so I can practice and get re-acquainted with it.  It felt so strange in my hands after 30 years!  I had forgotten what it feels like.

~ If you've been hit by Sandy, hope all is well with you.


  1. What a neat story about the bird. Hope it makes it home okay.

  2. A girl after my own heart - "just need Saturday to stay home, watch football, and veg out."

    I'm right there with ya, sista!

  3. I hope you enjoy tonight, I know it will be bittersweet. I'll be thinking of you.

    What an interesting story about the bird. I hope he makes it home and I hope we hear. :)

  4. Awwwww. Sure hope the pigeon makes his way back home. That's a great story!
    Hope you can find some time to veg this weekend, Mary.

  5. Hope the pigeon makes it home safely.

  6. I quite agree. Very interesting info about the bird. The custodian is a pretty observant guy!

    Personally, I would never invite bird contact and I'm impressed with his skills.

  7. Guess who I'm seeing tomorrow cook? Carla Hall! I'll take lots of photos hopefully

  8. You'll have to let us know if the pigeon makes it home!

  9. I need to know if the pigeon made it home!!!!
    Enjoy your vegging out today!

  10. I need a weekend to just veg out too, maybe next weekend:)
    I am amazed by the pigeon story and am looking forward to an update. I hope the poor thing makes it home:)
    Sandy was extremely frightening, I stayed with a 94 year old disabled woman throughout the storm. Trees fell, the power went out and there was a hole in the ceiling in 2 places. I was so happy to get home where we did not lose power. So many others in my family are still without power. So sad.
    Have a great Sunday and God Bless!

  11. Sometimes we just need a day or two "veg out" as you say! ;-)

    Sure hope the pigeon makes it home safely. Wonder how long it would take for the pigeon to make it to Asheville.

  12. I sighed for you.....((HUGS))
    That's an interesting story on the pigeon. Hope you relaxed this weekend.


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