Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

~  I started listening to Christmas music yesterday.  It's not too early, is it?  I mean, Thanksgiving is next week!

~  Flute choir is going great.  I'm absolutely loving it!  After 3 hours of straight practice last night (with a quick potty break), I was wiped out when I got home.

~  YS is in full swing of practicing for All East Auditions on the baritone.  He goes to his choice for college today for a full day of clinics, and will go to the big university nearby tomorrow for another day of clinics.  The best part:  they're both FREE!

~  Small Town High School is playing in their biggest playoff game tonight.  They have to play the same team that beat them twice last year and knocked us out of the playoffs.  It's pretty much for all the marbles tonight.  Most people around here say this IS the state championship.  We beat them by 3 points a few weeks ago.  Bad officiating?  Well...apparently they called an extra point good that wasn't.  It'll be a whole new officiating crew tonight.

~  I'm sitting this game out.  I tweaked my back Tuesday and don't want to chance standing up and bending over a table a bunch by working in the concession stand.  Have I mentioned how much I love my chiropractor and how amazing he is?  :)

~  I'm looking forward to a very short week next week:  only 2 days.  I absolutely love having the day before Thanksgiving off.  I don't feel so rushed when I have that day to do some preparations!

~ My airline tickets for Germany/Denmark have been purchased!  I've looked into taking the ICE train from Germany to Denmark, but can't purchase them until March.  I'm also looking into what I can do to occupy my time when the kids are participating in their homestay.  I told CH that I'm going to be awfully close to Lichtenstein (a place I've always wanted to visit), but I'll be even closer to Prague.  So many places, so little time!  If you've ever been to Germany (around the Dresden area) and have recommendations, let me know!


  1. I loved traveling on the ICE trains across Germany/Switzerland. It is so easy to get around.

  2. In my opinion, it's not too early for Christmas music if you want to listen to it! I prefer to wait a couple more weeks, but I can appreciate why some people like to start now (or right after Halloween).

  3. Love 2 day weeks! :) Hope you have an awesome Thanksgiving break!

  4. While I refuse to do anything Christmas-y until the Friday after Thanksgiving (it's the OCD in me), I don't sneer at those who do. And I have to say that I am fighting the urge to listen to Christmas music ... which will win: the urge or the OCD? ha!


  5. I too used to LOVE having the Wednesday before Thanksgiving off and used it to prepare for the crowd that came the next day.

    Then one year we had a new principal who didn't think we NEEDED that day off and made us go to school ALL DAY, not even just a half day.

    That was NOT my favorite "change" that he made I can just tell ya!

  6. Germany??? That's exciting!

    Nah - not too early at all... I'm almost ready to pop in my Christmas music myself.

  7. Around here, holiday music does not start til after Thanksgiving... just my thing, the holidays come in order. How exciting you are vising Germany! Have a great weekend.

  8. My chiropractor is is amazing too! And I love him! And he's also our son-in-law. LOL You're smart to take it easy and not risk making things worse. I like FREE too! Oh, and it's not too early to listen to Christmas music. I started (officially) last week too. :)

  9. omg--My blogging friend Melisa would love to tell you all about her trip to Germany and share her must-see destinations. Visit her at

    How did your team do last night?

    It sounds like your town has some wonderful music programs. I'm happy for you :)

  10. Go to Prague if you've never been!

    I will refrain from mentioning a certain team here. aiyiyiyiyi


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