Weekend Wrap-Up

The weekend started on Friday with a high school football game:  Game 2 of the playoffs.  The score was more of what we expect out of our team:  a bit one-sided.  It's become a tradition that the game before Veterans' Day the Veterans of the Small Town are recognized.  This year, the Small Town outdid itself.  There was a Wounded Veteran who was honored, and he tossed the coin before the game.  Under Armour provided the coaches with these:
Just in case you can't tell what it is, here's a close-up:

Even the field honored the Vets:
When the football players went onto the field, I wondered why they weren't running and why the band wasn't playing our fight song.  Yesterday, I saw these pictures and understood:

I'm so glad I couldn't see what was happening from the concession stand:  I definitely would've cried!  Such a wonderful gesture and a small way to say "thanks"!
(The above pictures were courtesy of the Small Town's Football Booster Facebook Page)

You'll never guess what CH & I did on Saturday.  (Okay, I know you will, but I had to keep you guessing!) There were a couple of groups who merged together over the weekend for a campout:  The Dutch Oven Group (LSDOS & IDOS) and Tear-Jerkers.  It wasn't a big gathering, but it gave us a chance to explore another campground and meet a few new people.  This campground is only about 30 minutes from our house, and is a "sustainable" campground.  A few pictures from around the campground:

Saturday night, the campers cooked something in a dutch oven, and then brought it all together for a massive potluck.  CH wanted to try to cook pizza, and he was afraid it wouldn't turn out so we opted to sit dinner out.
CH fixing his pizza:
The final product:
It really did turn out pretty well, and it tasted great.  The DO people really know how to use the DO to make perfect dinners and desserts.  Someone made "almost pumpkin pie" and someone else made cherry cobbler. I had just a small taste of both, and they were excellent.
The sunset was just beautiful:

Saturday night we sat around a campfire and talked to a few people.  Then, I was getting a little cold, so I decided to go back to the camper, where I promptly turned on our heater and read for about 1 1/2 hours with Laika keeping me company.  Once I was warm and started to nod off, I went ahead and went to sleep. 
Sunday morning, CH had better luck with the eggs this go around:
The eggs didn't slide off of the pan and into the stove this time!  We realized we had a visitor during the night:
I'm really surprised that he didn't get a hold of some cheese that we didn't put back in the refrigerator since it was so cold out.  Guess he missed his chance!
A couple of the men we met made their own teardrop camper.  One of them had airbrushed the back of his:
And, I got to try this out:
If you read this post, you know what's inside the little tent.  It was much nicer to just step outside my warm bed to potty Sunday morning than trekking down to the bathhouse!  And, it worked like a champ!

We ended the weekend with our weekly outing to our favorite Mexican Restaurant, and MS & his girlfriend joined us.  I loaded him up with leftovers (along with cookies and pumpkin muffins---thanks, Patty!) before he headed back to the big city.  He said that he had called his grandpa (who is retired Army) and uncle (who is full-time career National Guard) to thank them for their service.  My boys never cease to amaze me!  I'm kinda likin' this man he's turning out to be!


  1. What a beautiful tribute at the football game ... and by your son.

    The pizza looked good ... it's amazing what can be prepared in a dutch oven.

    I'm not even going to ask who your visitor was. :-o

  2. See - that's why I dont camp - that freaks me out to think I'd wake up & see paw prints on my table! YIKES!!!

    I woulda totally cried myself at the game. Love the jackets... & love to see kids learn a bit about American Pride :)

  3. OH my! I would have been tearing up to see the beautiful tribute the football players gave. I think it is wonderful when young people "get it". Especially when it comes to patriotism and thanking veterans. The views of your campground are GORGEOUS! Thanks for sharing and I'm glad your potty seat worked out well ;) Thanks for the link back on the muffins. Sally made some herself on Saturday. Forgot how good they are!

  4. I tried camping once...in a tent...it rained all night long. Let's just say, I haven't done it since! Oh, what a special tribute...love that! Makes you feel so good when your kids do something that warms the hearts of others.

  5. Hey...don't forget to stop by...I'm having a giveaway!

  6. Sounds like a fantastic weekend! The tribute to the veterans was a beautiful idea. I've never really been camping but it sounds like fun. However, I'm not brave around animals so your overnight visitor sounds a bit scary! The scenery, however, is gorgeous!

  7. I'm glad to see highschools paying tribute to our veterans-so nice. And that sunset is amazing!!

  8. Mr.4444 is always trying to get me to go fall camping, but I hate being cold!Maybe some day...

    I love that football tradition--It's really special.


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