Friday Fragments

Half-Past Kissin' Time
~  One week until Spring Break.  (How's that for an opener?)  It's going to be a short week for me since I have training 2 days.  It's almost like a vacation!

~  It was nice to go to Ash Wednesday Mass at the University.  MS' girlfriend met me there, and then MS came when he got off of work.  I still can't get over how crowded with students the church was.  Warms my heart!

~  CH & I saw "Ride Along" at the theater last Sunday.  We had been wanting to see it since we saw the previews a few months back.  (or was it a year ago?)  We were afraid that all of the funny parts were shown in the previews, but they weren't.  We both thought it was a pretty funny movie.  I don't remember there being a lot of strong language; I'm sure there was some, it just wasn't significant enough for me to remember it.

~  I got an email yesterday from someone at the Advance Magazine.  Advance puts out magazines for the different health fields.  I submitted a blog post about tough meetings, and it was accepted!  You can read it here.  Sidenote:  the "about me" was not punctuated as I had written it. I just didn't want anyone to think that I don't know when to capitalize!

~  Have you read the children's book "Love You Forever"?  Here's the story behind it:  Love You Forever

~  A friend's daughter has just started a new crafty blog:  Cut Now, Measure Later.  Show her some bloggy love!  Click here to go visit.

~  Picture of the week from OS:
We were texting one day, and I told him I was loving the pictures.  His response:  "I know.  That's why I post them."  Love that boy!  He is my "sunshine"!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. My daughter was creeped out a little by the book, Love You Forever, but I have always loved it. Knowing the story behind it touches me even more ... maybe because I have a child I never got to rock to sleep. Thanks for sharing that story.

  2. Great picture! I guess he's loving his new job? : ) Enjoy your weekend...spring break is early in your town. Our township took the entire week of spring break to make up for snow days. Nobody's too happy, but what are you going to do? They have to make up the days somewhere, and we already go into mid June. And we may get more snow before this winter's over.

  3. Our spring break started today. It doesn't feel like spring though.

  4. I want a Spring Break... more so, I NEED a Spring break!

    That picture - totally RAD! ;)

  5. I always enjoy hearing about you and "all your boys"...there's just something about the book "Love you Forever" that makes me cry hysterically (long story that I've posted before). Most people seem to find it heart warming. I find it terribly depressing. Go figure.

  6. You have a lot going on! Things never seem to slow down, do they? For all of us. At any rate, enjoy your spring break! I'm going to paint a couple of small rooms and two of the girls are going to horse camp. They decided the summer heat is too unbearable and switched their camp time over during spring break. Other than that, only 9 weeks of school left! Woo Hoo!

  7. Glad you enjoyed the movie, we haven't seen it yet. I saw the "Love You Forever" on Facebook and actually posted about it on my other blog. Bring a whole new meaning to it! Awesome photo of OS, looks like fun. I will go over and check out that craft blog. Enjoy your weekend.

  8. Congratulations on the acceptance of your article. I will hop over and check it out, along with your friends daughter's blog. I hope the rest of your week goes well and that you get to enjoy your break.

  9. Congrats on your article being published! I will check it out.

    I never liked that book; boundary issues...haha

    Thanks for linking up!!1


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