Jammin' Weekend Wrap-up

Well, another Spring Break is over.  

I spent waaay too much time on school stuff, but I think I've got the rest of the year's materials made.  And, I've planned up until TCAPs, which are the last week of April.  After that week, only 3 weeks until the end of the year.  I think I can, I think I can!
I spent the weekend trying to organize all of the stuff that I laminated, as well as finishing up catching up on The Following.  Have I mentioned how freaky that show is?

Saturday, CH & I went to Garden Ridge.  Oh, how I love that store!  When we lived in SC, I used to go a lot, but we didn't have one here until a few months ago (or maybe a year).  We found some cushions for our patio table chairs.  After that, we went to the pizza joint where YS works for dinner.  Best pizza place around!

On Friday, I mentioned that I'm having a Jamberry Nails online party.  I put on a new set Saturday:
To put them on, all you do is heat it with the hairdryer for about 5 seconds, then put it on your nail.  I used a nail scissor to cut it as close to my nail as I could, then I used a file in a downward motion to get the excess off.  You get enough wraps for 2 applications plus a few extra for your toes!  The wraps on the sheet come in different sizes so you can match the size to the size of your fingernail.
If you're interested, click here.  There are a lot of different designs, or, if you want a solid color, they have those, too.

How about those Tennessee Volunteers?  They didn't even know if they were going to get into the tournament, and now they're in the Sweet 16!  Some people were calling for the coach to lose his job; bet they're singing a different tune now.  It's certainly the craziest NCAA tournament I ever remember with all of those underdogs winning.

Are you keeping up with the Tournament?  If so who are you rooting for?


  1. The team I was rooting for was St. Louis University, and they bowed out in the second round. My other favorite college basketball team is the University of Illinois, and they've been eliminated from the NIT. Hockey season is starting to heat up ... and it won't be too long before Opening Day (baseball) ... those are my two favorite sports. I'm not a huge basketball fan ... only being interested in March Madness (which should be called March-April Madness this year, I guess).

  2. Its definitely been a tournament of surprise. I love that.
    I bought like 6 packs of Jamberry nails & have yet to use them... I have the ones with cameras on them :)

  3. This year is going by too quickly. Glad you got all your school work done, that must feel good.

  4. I've never heard of jam berry nails….so cute. Love your choice here.
    Since FGCU didn't do well, we don't watch basketball anymore. (ok, I DON'T watch basketball anymore.) Linds is on spring break this week….and she is spending most of it doing school work. WHAT??


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