Spring Break Friday Frags

Half-Past Kissin' Time

~NOOOO!  It CAN.NOT be Friday already!  I knew this week would go by way too fast!

~  YS had his first performance for his solo class on Wednesday.  Since I'm on break, I was able to go and watch him.  There were 4 individual students and 1 group that performed in front of the rest of the class and some instructors.  Following each performance, the student had to stand on the stage and listen to comments and suggestions from the instructors.  YS had some positive comments, and he said that the written comments were also very constructive.  

~  I spent most of Thursday printing and laminating material for the rest of the year (9 weeks, but who's counting?).  This is what my pile looked like:
Now I get to do a lot of cutting and organizing.

~  While I was doing that, I watched Season 1 of this per MS' and his g'friend's recommendation:
FREAKY.   But good.
~  Yesterday's pictures from a walk in the park:
~  Have you heard of Jamberry Nails?  I'm not a "girly girl", but I tried a sample, and it stayed on my nail for 3 weeks.  I finally took it off, and it did no damage to may fingernail!  AND, it just so happens that I'm having an "internet party", so if you're interested, let me know and I'll send you the information!    Here's my sample after 2 weeks.  You can tell that my fingernail polish on my index finger is coming off.

~  I've been posting a picture of the week from OS, but this week he had 2 that were amazing:
 My "grand-dog", Sultie:
Hope everybody had a good week!


  1. Definitely a busy week! Hope your weekend is relaxing.

  2. Jamberry nails sounds fascinating. I loved all the different styles.

  3. Those photos are amazing! He's quite a photographer!
    Happy Spring!!

  4. Mary, I'm sorry your spring break is coming to an end, but it looks like you had a good one!

  5. Congrats to YS on his performance. It must be nerve wracking to have to stand in front of everyone and get comments too! Yikes.

    Happy weekend

  6. Those were great pictures from your OS. Good that you got to see YS's performance; kind of being like on American Idol waiting to hear from "the judges". Spring breaks always do have a way of flying by, but take heart, the end of the school year is in sight!


  7. I don't know that I could have survived YS experience. I was pretty nearly sick when performing in front of others with my violin. I wonder why I didn't freak out doing theatre??

    I hope you have a big cutter! Your pics are amazing! So glad that spring appears to be arriving for you!

  8. Those last two pictures are stellar. Man, I can't remember the last time I did my nails.

  9. Way to go YS!
    Nice Spring pictures.
    I just saw Jamberry Nails this week but I think they are a little high priced compared to what you can buy in the stores but maybe that is why they lasted so long. I don't use them but my daughter does.
    Those photos are amazing.....love them!

  10. With the Jamberry Nails, you get 2 applications for your fingers. Plus, you get a few extra ones for your toes. Maybe that's also the difference?


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