Weekend Wrap-Up & A-Z Reveal

Before I get started:  Do you notice my new background?  My blog will remain this way through the month of April to recognize Autism Awareness Month.  I will also have 1 fact/week on my sidebar.

Now for the Wrap-up:

CH was off on a motorcycle/camping weekend, so I thought I was going to have the whole entire weekend all to myself.  Except that YS came down with Pink Eye Thursday night, so he was home with me on Friday night.  We ended up ordering Take-out from Olive Garden for dinner, then I caught up on some tv shows.  Here is Laika looking for him:

Saturday, I let the dogs out, then went back to bed and slept until 9.  Then, I got up and did some stuff on my laptop.  After that, a nap was in order, followed by a shower and Mass.  I was treated to Cracker Barrel by my parents for dinner.  MS left a note on my Facebook that said to call him.  He said that he had made reservations for us at a nearby restaurant for dinner, but, since I had my phone off, he had to cancel.  I'm still not sure why he didn't leave a message on my voice mail.
Saturday ended up with a surprise from YS & his g'friend:
My first birthday cake in a loooong time!

My FIL sent me this over the weekend:

And now for the "Great A-Z Reveal".  Last year, my theme was the Small Town.  This year, I've decided to go with the "Great Smoky Mountains".  They are right in my backyard, and, hopefully you'll learn something new about them.  I have a feeling I probably will, too.


  1. Happy Birthday. Love the autism background.

  2. Happy birthday (or belated if it passed already). I did notice your new blog look; that is neat how you are featuring autism awareness in April and your theme for A/Z is a good one! Seems like it was a good weekend too. It is interesting how our kids don't use all methods available to try to reach us. Son was calling me last Friday to see I needed his help for Koda's insulin shot. He called me on my cell phone that I had turned off, but didn't bother calling the land line so ended up coming home to see if I needed him (I didn't, LOL).

    Cute birthday cake; bet it tasted delicious!


  3. Happy Birthday! Are we birthday twins? I'm the 30th!

  4. Love your background....
    Happy Birthday, love the cake!!!
    Have fun with your A-Z.

  5. Happy birthday! Belated by now, I'm sure. I hope it was a good one.

  6. Happy belated birthday! Love Laika on the couch - so sweet :). And what cute candles on that birthday cake - hope it was as yummy as it was cute.


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