Friday Fragments

Half-Past Kissin' Time

~  I think Spring is finally least for the next week.  We had some crazy snow on Tuesday.
~  I missed the last 2 practices for Community Band, and we were off last week because of Spring Break.  There are a couple of pieces that we're playing that I just LOVE:  "Oklahoma" and "Variations of a Korean Folk Song".  Here's the crazy thing:  I must have played "Variations" at some point because I had no problem with some of the tricky fingerings.  There is something to be said for muscle memory, even after all those years!

~  I texted OS and told him I needed a picture for my "OS' picture of the week". This is what he posted:

Not exactly the beautiful pictures he had been posting, but at least it's something.

~  Seen on a wall in the church where the flute choir practices:
"You can't walk on water if you don't get out of the boat."
Words to live by; for sure!


  1. I like that sign at church! So music memory must be the same thing like ability to ride a bike after years of not riding one?


  2. If thunderstorms are a signs of spring, then I guess it's here, too. Unfortunately the temperatures are not spring-like. :-(

    I love that quote ... definitely words to live by.

  3. Sounds like our weather has been about the same as yours. Great words to live by.

  4. haha... that picture. The life of being young :)

  5. His boards, his life......
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Thank goodness for muscle memory or I wouldn't have much at all. My granddaughter is learning to play the piano and I gave her my old piano books. I sat down to try to play some and gave up very quickly.

  7. Love the quote. People sometimes criticize Peter for his lack of faith, but at least he tried.

  8. David and I were just talking about muscle memory. I started aerobics again, hoping my muscles remember;)

  9. I took a couple of weeks off to rest my shoulders but went back on Friday--Sadly, my muscles remembered the pain :( Thanks for linking up! Stay tuned this week for a big celebration of my 300th FF post! :)

  10. Love that quote too.
    Love OS's picture….hey, he IS communicating and that is awesome. Spring? I think we've passed it and headed right into summer.


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