Friday Fragments

Half-Past Kissin' Time

  Wow.  Friday already?  Why does time seem to go so fast in the summer?

  I was looking at the butterfly bush next to our porch yesterday.  It has really taken off this year!  I'm going to have to think about transplanting it out in the yard very soon...or whenever it is it's safe to do that without killing it!
I couldn't find a picture of when I first got it, but trust me...waaaay out of hand!

  My little Balloon Plant has really grown, too.
When I first put it in, this is what it looked like:
For some reason, the ground cover to the left of it didn't survive at that spot.  It did, however, thrive at other side of the area.

  This time last year, I was in Germany.  {sigh}  What an amazing trip that was!  I told the German teacher that if he ever needed another adult to go to let me know!  He said he was planning next summer's trip.  I guess I need to work hard at paying off last year's trip before I even seriously consider next year.

  In fact, 06 June was the day we visited Buchenwald, one of the concentration camps.  I just went back and read my post, and felt the feelings I had while I was walking through it.  It's still very emotional, just like I was there yesterday.

It's on Netflix TODAY!!!  I thought June would never get here!  Part of the cast was on "Hollywood Game Night" last night.  I'm going to have to limit myself to just 1 episode/day to make it last; and so that I'm not just sitting in front of the tv.

  Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I can imagine how emotional that would be walking through a concentration camp.
    I'm wondering what a butterfly bush is?
    Isn't is fun to see the growth of things you planted? We planted an apple tree this year so it'll be fun comparing it from year to year.
    Enjoy your summer watching your show!

  2. Good morning! You must have a green thumb! I plant things and am lucky if they last two weeks. I gave up, but sure do appreciate those of you who are good at gardening! I used to think I was mostly Irish. Then I did the DNA test and found out I am mostly German! Wow. I would love to travel to Germany, Ireland and Scotland someday. I'm just certain there is a castle to explore before I die!! Italy was wonderful, but those are Joe's roots, not mine. Have a good Friday!

  3. Love the plants! One side of garden is in worse shape. D H blames it on the cold weather.

  4. I keep hearing about "Orange Is the New Black". I take from what you said, it's really good. Think I'll try to check it out.

  5. I gotta start watching "Orange" - I keep hearing great things about it.

  6. I would never want to be anywhere near a concentration camp--too much horror connected to them. I did like reading THE BOY IN THE STRIPED PAJAMAS though. It was extremely sad, but very enlightening.

  7. Spring has come to your house and it arrived in your Butterfly Bush - it's HUGE! Got butterflies?

  8. What a cool butterfly bush! Do butterflies visit it? I'm having a snail probably in my backyard, they are eating all my flowering plants!

    1. The butterflies should be in abundance soon! We also have hummingbirds that will stop for a snack!

  9. Our butterfly bush gets so huge every summer, even though I trim it back, way back. We lost two balloon flower plants over the winter. I need to see if I can still find a couple of pink ones to replace them.

  10. Hm. I literally (minutes ago) just started watching Breaking Bad. Guess I'll have to add OITNB.

    I've never been to Europe. Mexico is first on my list, this July! It would be a powerful experience to visit a concentration camp; I can see why it stayed with you.

    My summer starts Thursday! Thanks for linking up, Mary :)


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